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Perodua Competitors

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Perodua gearing up for stiffer competition PERUSAHAAN Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd’s A 1 • Another analyst expects Perodua to be ready (Perodua) nine-year dominance of the domes- jcVTlctiVSlS *° launcn a brand new model at a lower cost tic mini-car market could face stiffer com- ^•••••••••I^^B next vear wnen ^e regional motor sector is petition from the likes of Naza, Proton and ^^^^^^^^^^^^^H more liberalised. This will likely be a new Inokom, analysts say. ^••••••••••II^^B model hi the 1-litre and 1. 3-litre segment.

Perodua’s ability to withstand competition, , „.. ,. _ XT . . „ . … .. The car would be totally new in design, they -added, will depend on its marketing ** 2005i Na2a Plans to sel1 4>°°° ^^ m platform and engine, and could be exported, strategy, strategic alliances and new models. the nrst year. . • Perodua created a whole new market seg- Naza Kia Sdn Bhd launched its Picanto in Semor Perodua executives themselves, how- ment below Ii000cc with the iaunch of the April, while Proton Holdings Bhd is expected ™eT>do not fee* threatened by the competition Kancil ^ August 1994.

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It later Came out with to unveil its Tiara replacement model (TRM) from these models. he Kenari and KeUsa in addition to the Rusa in November or early next year. Both will test Korean cars have proven to be strong com- van ^^ i. 3-litre Kembara sports utility vethe popularity of Perodua’s Kelisa and Kenari petitors, but-Perodua has its own unique ^^ models. selling proposition,” Perodua sales managing Perodua’s production capacity at its factory Perodua is already competing with the director Zainuddin Bahaudin said. outside Rawang, Selangor, has risen to Inokom Atos, the locally-assembled version of He said Perodua has started working on 150,000 units a year from 50,000 when it the Hyundai Atos. everal measures to bring down production started out 10 years ago. Prom RM60. 000 in its initial fully-imported cost by 30 per cent within three years. it has also strengthened its strategic partform, the Atos, assembled in Kulim, currently Kancil, Kelisa and Kenari made up the bulk nership with Daihatsu, which has taken a sells between RM40. 170 (manual) and of Perodua’s total sales of 124,008 units last bigger equity in the manufacturing side of the RM44,040 (automatic). Distributor year.

Kelisa is Perodua’s next best-selling business. Hyundai-Berjaya Sdn Bhd expects-to sell over model after Kancil, which comes with 660cc With this restructuring, which took place in 10,000 cars this year. and 850cc engines. December 2001, Daihatsu is now giving more The Kenari sells between RM38,000 and Some analysts remain bullish on Perodua attention to the factory and regards it as one of RM45,710, while the Kelisa costs between and expect demand for its models to hi- its overseas production bases to supply the RM36. 30 and RM41. 275 depending on spec- crease. region, ifications. “The majority of buyers for compact cars are Perodua has also been active abroad, in- Naza’s 1. 1-litre Picanto, costing RM46. 000, those from the low-income group. These people eluding hi Britain, West Asia, Singapore and could become cheaper if plans to assemble it have a strong loyalty to Perodua and other Indonesia, where the Kancil and Kenari are locally materialise by the end of the year or national brands,”. an analyst said. selling Well.

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