Why Do Many Choose a Nurse as Their Profession

Nursing is a profession that many have chosen for their future career. Registered Nurses provide many different services to health care patients in a variety of ways.

When one becomes a registered nurse, the duties will involve caring for patients, but the specific job responsibilities will depend on the specialization. Nurses work in various healthcare workplaces including hospitals, outpatient centers, nursing homes and rehab center. They also work with diverse patients in special areas such as critical care.

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They may manage medication, observe patient retrieval and, progress and inform patients and their families on disease prevention. Nurses with developed and high knowledge may be responsible for performing patient diagnosis and case management. For some, becoming a registered nurse is the first step toward a career or nursing education.

Professional nursing offers a specialized service to society. Some things nurses do offer is a benefaction to health care, which can’t be done by any other health team members such as doctors, dentist, or pharmacists.

The first necessity in becoming a registered nurse is to acquire the education. After acquiring the required education, one must pass a licensure exam before you can become a registered nurse. This is achieved by passing the National Council Licensure Examination. Administered through the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, to tests your knowledge. The exam is accepted and required in all 50 states and requires often renewal over a period of time, for which Registered Nurses must complete continuing the education courses. Because requirements differ state by state, one should look into the State Board for details and requirements. There are several different paths that will lead to becoming licensed Registered Nurse.

Nursing is a divergent yet honor occupation that requires varieties of rigid skills. Nurses are required to have a lot of medical knowledge and must be able to conduct certain procedures such as giving vaccinations and drawing blood, because nurses often have to update patient charts through a hospital’s online database. Nurses also need a number of sensitive skills. They have to be tolerant and empathetic towards both patients and patients’ families. They must have strong communication skills in order to relay and provide information to patients and their families, and also to work effectively with doctors and other nurses.

Becoming or being a Nurse one must have a positive attitude towards everyone that they come in contact with at all times. patients and their families should feel at ease and comfortable when communicating with them, making someone feel welcomed and comfortable is not difficult when one maintain a positive attitude.

When having problems on the job the correct thing to do is put the problems to rest. It is most important that you have a healthy relation in your home and work life, be sure to try and separate the two. If one is burnt out try floating to a different specialty or taking some personal days to decompress. Even a day of rest and relaxation can provided with the jump start one needs. Nurse’s are the most important part of any healthcare facility.

Nurses touch every life that comes into their presence and it is necessary for those patients to receive the best care. The correct attitude can increase the patients happiness . The best way to earn a good reputation and proceed in a career is through attitude. Those individuals who are confident in their ability to handle job stress more often than not have a good grip on approaching difficult situations they might encounter. An attitude influences all areas of a everyday life and determines how well someone handles their stress. At the end of the day we are each in control of our moods, it is up to us to choose to be positive. Regardless of what may be going on at home, or at work, we can choose to have a good attitude.

It is also important that one shall have an education with nursing. I plan on starting my education on becoming Nurse with a two year program at a community college earning my Bachelor’s Science Degree in Nursing . Then I will proceed to work with a local hospital for at least two years for experience. Once I achieve that I work on building on my career becoming a travel nurse. Becoming a nurse could increase pay to at least forty thousand dollars a year, which is a tremendous change in any pay rate. Travel nursing can be stimulating but it has its challenges. Due to one traveling they would rarely ever be home. Nurse pay ranges from $1300-$2300 per week. They can definitely earn over $100k per year are many beneficial aspects that you get while being a nurse you have, better job opportunities and chances, variety of job areas, career flexibility, high salary packages, and traveling assistance.

Saving a life is also a benefit Whether it’s using cpr during an emergency or asking a patient just the right questions that unlocks a critical diagnosis, there is nothing in the world like saving someone’s life. Most nurses have a time that they have saved a life at some point in their career, However, it’s objectionable to know that someone may not have made it another day without you and not feel pleased. The sense of pride may not lead to boasting, but those successful and joyful moments stay with a nurse for a lifetime. Being able to try something different is a major benefit with being a nurse. With a variety of degrees and licenses available, and even more specialties one can focus on, there’s plenty of ways to keep one’s nursing career diversified and challenging. One can become a nurse practitioner, nurse anesthetist, nurse consultant, forensic nurse, psychiatric nurse, radiology nurse, pediatric nurse, military nurse, dermatology nurse, hospice nurse, hospital nurse, school nurse, and many more

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