Why I Decided To Choose My Major To Be Nursing

Since I was young, I have always had a strong feeling of empathy. I could always look at a situation and put myself into the mindset of either the person or animal that was going through a hardship. I believe that is why I am such a giving person, and why I decided to choose my major to be nursing.

It’s ironic but you’ve decided to pursue college at Mount Mercy years ago when the topic first came up about what path you might choose in life what career you might want and where you might want to go to college one of the first statement you ever made was that you were not going to stay here to go to school Mount Mercy definitely was not part of your plan was about sophomore year right and overtime what you have learned is that your plans for your career as a nurse and what you aspire to be was about travel.I thought that actually going to college somewhere else would fulfil that. To me mount mercy became a little hidden gem that i thought id never find but was right in front of me.

I found out about mount mercy through attending 2 years of allstate camp over the summer. Also my friend brianna wolf’s stared at mount mercy last year as a freshman and i visit her numerous times and she shows me everything she loves about campus and through that i grew to love it more and more each day. Even as I traveled to visit other campuses i realised as i tried to compare the pros and cons of every establishment the one thing I kept finding was as for the other schools there was about even pros and cons mount mercy had no cons I could think of. One thing that is the most attractive about the school is that since it is much smaller than iowa or iowa state everything is so much more personal.

Thats is how i work best in learning and helping others. I always felt a personal connection through the administration and the coaches and music teachers. I even had the golf coach reach out to me for a personal meeting on scholarship day since i couldn’t see him during my campus visit. I also recently had the chance to meet with the president of mount mercy at a viewing of my variety show choir performance. Afterwords i was pleasantly surprised to receive a personal handwritten note from Mrs. Laurie M. Hamen telling how she was so glad i had chosen to attend mount mercy. The fact that the president took the time to not only come to view our show choir, talk to me personally, then send me a handwritten letter thanking me just solidified that choosing mount mercy was the best choice for me if i wanted that personal connection for my education.

Since I was a young girl I always knew I wanted to do my best to help people. I learned that from my best friend at the time, Peyton Elizabeth Rudd. Losing her to brain cancer at a young age made me realise how fleeting life was. Sadly having this shocking realization at the age of 7 made me have to grow up and mature rather quickly. I made a promise to myself that no one else knew about after she died. That I’d help as many people as I can. Now, 12 years later, growing up and understanding more about the world around me, I have expanded that simple childhood ambition into wanting to do something in the medical field to give as much back to the community i can.

A college education means an opportunity to live a richer life. I am not talking about rich in terms of money, but rich in terms of choices about what my life will be like. By becoming educated I can choose to do something that interests me. I can have a profession and a career rather than a job. That being said, a college degree is not going to be the all and end all to guarantee a successful life. It’s my own grit and ambitions that will propel my life forward. Being educated will allow me to adapt to different situations that, without higher learning, may not be possible for me to do. Going to college for the sake of going to college is not a plan for success. But when I go to college with a plan, I am investing in myself, and that is always going to have a good return on investment.

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