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Personal Statement 

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    I am Brian Armstead a college from Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville graduate in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in integrative student’s first generation. I am from East St. Louis Illinois but I was raised in St. Louis Missouri were I went to school for high school called Mehlville Senior High School.

    After high school I went to Forest Park Community College for a couple of semesters thinking I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I guess I did not have a clue what I wanted to do with my life when I went to Forest Park community college because of the fact I kept switching majors from law enforcement to public speaker. Then after a couple of semesters when I thought really was not getting anywhere I left to come to Southern Illinois university of Edwardsville. What really made me come to the school was my mother she used to go to the school in the 70s or 80s I can’t really remember but that is why I really went she said that was a good school to go to and graduate from.

    After graduating from SIUE I took two years off school because my mind crashed after four years of hard work. The reason why I applied for this college is because me and mother agreed that I was really wasting my time in community college which was not a waste of time.

    I got my prerequisites classes out the way before coming to SIUE did saved a lot of time but it also did hinder me from getting the fully experience of being an undergraduate student. When me and Tyler Phelps were talking after college until now we talked about what I wanted to do in life while I was in college I did not know what I wanted to be.

    We sat down to discuss possible things that I could go to school for but what stuck out to me was being a college student Personnel Administration. The reason why that stuck out to me is because I like working with people well at least little child but also people that are in college. People deserve a person that has been through the struggle of college to show you can finish the race if you really want to finish college and say I have degree.

    In college I struggled I struggled really bad as far as an undergraduate there are reasons but I don’t want sound like I am making excuses at all on why some grades were better than others. One reason why I struggle with school is because I had a lot of issues with trying to find a place to stay. At one point starting off as an undergraduate I was homeless with no job or a car to get back and forth from school. That was a struggle I had nowhere to rest my head of really study.

    I was stress out for a while because I couldn’t really study are even apply myself because my living situation trying to find money to get to school every day from East St Louis to the school. Lucky I stayed with someone for a couple days on campus in order to gather enough money to be able to get housing. The next reason why my grades were bad is because I am not good at taking test.

    Finally the reason why I wanted to be in the student personnel administration is because I like working with college students sharing my ups and downs with college so people don’t make all the mistakes that I had made by changing majors and not liking or finishing classes I want make sure they stay on their path. Like I said in this story of mines if I can help one person I could change someone life making a huge impact on their like to make decisions in college to be a great college student.

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