Personal Statement - Part 2 - Chemistry Essay Example

Personal Statement

A dear friend once told me that “college is not just a means to an end” - Personal Statement introduction. The goals I wish to pursue at Azuza Pacific University are crafted with that statement in mind. I feel that APU offers the best environment for me to learn in my field of study, become a contributing part of a community of faith, and perform service to benefit others. My goal is to become a knowledgeable, well-rounded, person of faith. APU provides a great environment for doing just that.


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I am extremely interested in the fields of chemistry and biochemistry. They are crucial and important fields for the future. They offer opportunities to help people in unique and significant ways. While studying in those fields, I hope to find internships where I can gain real-world experience.

As exited as I am about my field of study, it is only one part of a good college experience. APU provides many opportunities for service. I feel that it is important to take advantage of these. Service not only benefits others. It also is an incredibly valuable activity for the person serving. A person helping others learns about and helps his or her self in the process.

My faith is important to me. APU has an environment where my faith can be nurtured and shared with others. Fellowship opportunities can help reinforce my faith and allow me a chance to serve.

 At the same time, I would be challenged both intellectually and spiritually. Challenges are crucial for anyone to live up to their potential. That is part of what exites me about studying Chemistry. These challenges can also help me become a better person, and I am exited about that prospect. That, to me, is what college is all about. It is not just a means to an end.

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