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Personal Statement
My name is xx. I am going to attend TESOL training program in the University of XX this summer, from July 7 to July 25. After that we will be offered a tour to Vancouver, Banff and Alberta. We will return to China on August 2. I am very delighted to have this great opportunity to study in an English environment and visit some famous universities and enjoy the natural beauty of Canada. The major purpose of this journey is to improve my professional capacity in second language acquisition both in practice and in theory.

What’s more, I would like make full use of the time there to know more about Canadian culture and improve my own language skills by immersing in a native-English environment. When the program is over I will definitely return to China. The reasons are as follows:
Firstly, I am the only child in my family. My parents are over sixty years old and have retired. My mother is in a poor physical condition.

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They have taken every effort to bring me up and provide me with good conditions for study and living. It is time for me to repay their hard work and love to me. I love my parents and have the responsibility to take care of them as their only child.
Secondly, I have a stable work and I love my occupation. I am teaching English in an university. I love teaching English and share my knowledge with my students. What’s more, we have contracts with school and have to pay a great deal of money if we leave. Teacher is a respectable occupation in China and I am proud that I am a teacher. I have the duty to teach my students the knowledge of English as well as the knowledge of how to be a respectable man. I have contributed a lot to my work and have a bright future in my career development.
Thirdly, I live a comfortable life and I am content to it. I have my own house near my work place and I often visit my parents to take care of them. Besides giving lessons, I am free to arrange my work and spare time. Sometimes, I go shopping or dine…

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