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There are things in this world that we least expect to happen - Transferring Student - Personal Statement introduction. During times of emergencies and tragic situations, the best thing to do is giving first aid treatments to those who needed it most. As a promising medical professional, I wish to conduct a seminar to college students about proper first aid application. This is very vital for them because it can be used anywhere and during tough and difficult times.

The seminar that I will lead will discuss ways and means to handle patients who were victimized by sudden situations like fires, earthquakes and the like. First aid is given to patients who accumulated burns in order to avoid worst situations before rushing them to the hospital. It is best done by letting the damage area cool down and cover the burn in order to avoid too much pain. Running cold water on the burn is appropriate even for scalds. Applying toothpaste is also advice to avoid feeling of heat on the area which is damaged.


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Another situation that requires first aid is during fire. One should remain calm especially if he/she knows something about first aid. The best thing to do is remain calm and search for airways. This will avoid suffocation and feeling of dizziness. Breathe lightly to avoid inhaling smoke and grab a blanket and drip it into water so that it can be wrapped around the body to avoid getting burns.

In the event that a person gets drowned, immediate first aid is given through CPR. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation is an emergency medical procedure not only in times like this but also during cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest. It is a combination of artificial respiration and artificial blood circulation. A drowning person needs to regain consciousness and proper breathing. It is used to maintain the flow of oxygen to the brain and heart of the victim. Giving CPR is done by pumping the abdomen of the patient and doing a mouth to mouth resuscitation alternately. This ensures the safety of the victim before the rescuers arrive.

The seminar on first aid is one way of teaching college students how to be responsible at an early age. It promotes a safer environment and at the same time preserves lives. The knowledge I gained from class will be used in conducting this seminar. I will also allow participants to ask questions on things that they wanted to know more regarding first aid. Having interaction in the seminar will ensure that audiences are really interested and that they are receiving the right information. First aid people are important in this world because it prevents the injury or illness from getting worse. It also protects the future of people who are victimized. I believe the said seminar will benefit not only the knowledge of college students but the whole society as well.


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