UK Personal Statement for Business Management Essay

‘No price is too high for a bull or too low for a bear. ’ As a naive student of science this statement left me completely baffled. But my unyielding thirst for knowledge and analytical mind compelled me to probe into the depth of this statement, and this triggered my interest in the dynamic yet exciting world of business. A visit to my father’s real estate office had me intrigued by the amount of planning, organization and effort that goes into running a successful business.

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UK Personal Statement for Business Management
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Moreover, listening to discussions on business, finance and management by virtue of being part of a family involved in diverse businesses including real estate, gas stations and a consumer electronics distribution house also instilled in me a desire to be a part of this success and take it to higher levels. A logical and scientific bent of mind, however, encouraged me to pursue Science as my choice of undergraduate study in high school. Studying Physics and Chemistry at a higher level made me understand the fundamental principles that the world is based on.

Mathematics helped to sharpen my numerical abilities and solving complex problems taught me the importance of perseverance. I believe that my natural inclination and proficiency in Mathematics will prove to be highly beneficial when I study Business, as commercial organizations use Mathematics in everything, accounting, inventory management, marketing, sales forecasting and financial analysis. My newfound interest in this field has made me an avid reader of ‘The Economic Times’, a business daily and Business Week, a weekly magazine.

My latest read, ‘The Adventure Capitalist’ by Conor Woodman is an excellent example of entrepreneurship at it’s finest. It has given me a whole new perspective on global economics by effectively demonstrating how local economies in different parts of the world function. To supplement my learning and interest, I spent my last two summers interning at a well-reputed consumer durables manufacturing company. I worked as a trainee in the HR and Marketing departments, which introduced me to the realm of public relations.

It improved my communication skills and allowed me a peek into the creative yet fiercely competitive world of Marketing. I was also given the privilege of shadowing the Finance Director of the company and allowed to attend weekly board meetings and seminars. This gave me valuable insight into the financial aspects of the company and further boosted my interest in this field. Besides academics, I have also participated in several sporting and extra-curricular activities, which have helped me shape a holistic persona.

Leading the school basketball team to three successive championship victories and being a national level tennis player has made me a highly disciplined, motivated and focused individual. It has honed my leadership skills and taught me the importance of teamwork; qualities, which I believe are essential in order to be a successful entrepreneur. I have learnt to channelize my energy constructively and can give my best even under pressure. Extensive training in Elocution and Theatre has made me an excellent orator and taught me to speak confidently in front of large audiences.

My work with Bal Kalyan Sansta, an orphanage and Sandhya, an old age home has given me the opportunity to give back to society in a meaningful way, while truly appreciating my good fortune. The United Kingdom being one of the most advanced countries in terms of finance and business offers transcendent education fuelled by excellent faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a diverse student body. I am sure that UK will be the perfect platform to study business and fulfill my dream of being a successful entrepreneur and expand my family business to greater heights.

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