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As a student, my interest in the Built Environment field was sparked by meeting one of Malaysia’s most successful architects, Hijjas Kasturi, during my early secondary school years. Since then, I have developed a strong interest in architecture and the broader field of Built Environment. I am currently studying Building Surveying to build a solid foundation of skills and knowledge that will enable me to become a knowledgeable and successful individual in the construction industry.During my diploma studies, I realized that I am particularly interested in building design, construction, and project management. I found myself motivated, rather than tired, by my studies and constantly pushing myself to excel in the field. After three years of studying in the Faculty of Architecture, Planning, and Surveying at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Malaysia, I gained a deep understanding of the Built Environment and the importance of designing efficient structures and planning projects in developing countries.I am passionate about pursuing a career in the Built Environment industry because it offers superb career opportunities, has the potential for significant progression and advancement, and can make a visible impact on society and people’s lives. I am committed to becoming successful in this field and am excited to enroll in an architecture degree course at a prestigious university. I believe that my passion, determination, commitment, and desire to learn make me an ideal candidate for your university.

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My interest in the Built Environment field came when I first met with one of Malaysia most successful architect, Hijjas Kasturi back in my early lower secondary. Since then, I’ve developed a great interest in the field of Built Environment, especially Architecture. I am studying Building Surveying because I believe it can build up a strong foundation for me in Built Environment and providing me with essential skills and knowledge to be a wise individual in the construction industry In my Diploma studies, I very much enjoy building design, as well as construction and project management as it being my most accomplished subject. Perhaps when a person is engaged in what his keen interest blossoms, he will never feel tired, instead he would feel motivated and have an enriching experience. Three years in the Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying in the Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Malaysia transformed my instinctive excitement and imagination about architecture into systematic knowledge and comprehensive understanding.

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The world is forever growing and evolving, as is the demand for new buildings and good infrastructure. The pressures of population growth and global warming are ever increasing, and I want to play a major role in designing more efficient structures, as well as planning projects in developing countries. The study of construction world and architecture makes me begin to ponder on how to excel further in this challenging industry. I was so dedicated to such brainstorming and imagination that I would always work around the clock in the studio for days on end and also working on the construction site. Three years of Diploma study gives me a deeper comprehension of Built Environment.

The industry offers superb career opportunities and huge potential for progression and advancement in later life. Secondly it’s a worthwhile and rewarding career that can make a significant and visible impact on our surroundings, peoples life’s and society in general. Thirdly it’s an exciting cutting edge sector where the job and its role is constantly evolving and changing

All things considered I would like to turn my passion in Built Environment into a career and enrolling for my dream course, an architecture degree course with your glorious University is the first step towards achieving my dream. I believe that my passion and determination, coupled with my commitment to become a successful person in Built Environment industry along with my desire to learn more makes me an ideal candidate for your University.

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