Personal Statement Essay

I, Muhammad Saad Iftikhar, have completed my undergraduate degree in Telecommunications Engineering from NUCES (National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences), one of the highly ranked universities in my country. My previous education consists of Matric and F. S. c from I. M. C. B I-10/1 and I. M. C. B G-10/4 Islamabad. My school and college played a vital role in grooming and polishing my personality, making me a gentleman and preparing me for a successful life. As an engineering student, I have tried to cultivate strong hands-on abilities, effective problem-solving skills, and, above all, rigorous and meticulous logical judgment.

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The course projects, workshops and internships during my bachelor studies have motivated me to continue my studies in one of the proposed programs. I was the team lead of my group’s final year project on the Data Communication over Power line carrier. During my bachelor’s studies I have worked as a teaching assistant for courses like Calculus, Wave Propagation and Antenna Theory and Microwave Engineering with Sir kashif Siddiqi and with Sir Usman.

I have the ability to take advance courses and do significant research. My writing and oral presentation skills are good. When I had to decide as to which University should be targeted.

NUST, being one of the most successful universities in Pakistan, will surely give me the best chance to achieve my goals. I looked at its history, the reputation of its faculty, its affiliation with industry, the amount of practical learning and came to the Conclusion NUST has an all rounded appreciation in all of these aspects. With all the technological innovation and development that is happening around. The Master of Science programs offered by NUST made life a lot easier for me, as i was eager to continue with my studies in Masters and eventually in the PHD level as well.

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