Personal Statement for MBA at Robert Morris University

Thank you for taking the time to review my application and materials. I hope you find that my application, transcripts, and resume make me a highly qualified candidate for admission. Choosing to enroll in the Masters of Business Administration Program at Robert Morris is something I have contemplated for the last few years. At first I was hesitant to enroll in a second masters program. I thought a PHD or another advanced degree would be my next step but after talking with many coworkers, friends, and mentors, I have realized the MBA Program would benefit me the most. The RMU MBA Degree will; challenge me in a different way than my current masters degree, I will be more prepared to grow as a professional in the field of higher education, and I will be able to contribute to the success of the field of higher education as a more strategic and business competent administrator.

After having great mentors as an undergraduate student, I knew that work in higher education was the right place for me. I felt that if I could make half the impact with students that my mentors made with me, I would be driven and happy in my career. With the skills I learned in my graduate program and during my graduate assistantships, I was prepared to take on my first post grad positions as a confident leader, mentor, team member, and student success advocate. I studied theoretical frameworks and practiced real world management skills that truly set me up for success in my first positon. Now in my sixth year as a higher educational professional, I know I made the right career choice.

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In my experience in student affairs, I have learned irreplaceable skills in program and event implementation, effective digital and in person communication skills, staff training, crisis response, collegial relationship building, and co-curricular program development. Through these experiences I have also had the opportunity to develop my skills as a staff supervisor, and have experienced what a successful mentor and supervisory relationship can mean for individuals development and departmental success. I believe I have demonstrated my success in this career path. The initiatives and individuals I have worked with are experiencing great success because of our work together. On my resume you can also see I have moved up in title and in amount of responsibility in my positions. These promotions and experiences are a result of my drive for success and dedication to the students I work with.

Working through a MBA program will not only enhance this success but I will be able to utilize this degree to impact the field of higher education. Throughout history there has been no more important time for higher education administrators to wear the hats of educators and strategic business managers. While all higher education professionals should still strive to be dedicated to impacting the lives of students, we also have to support our institutions as thriving businesses. A MBA will give me the tools to further develop an understanding of how my department and institution can be more strategically competitive in the challenging market of academic institutions. Through study in a MBA program, I will also be able to develop more business focused financial management, human resources, and marketing skills. Most importantly, networking and taking classes with professors and others in my MBA cohort will allow me to think outside of the field of higher education. This will give me a new perspective on the work I am doing and add to my ability to be an educator and strategic business partner.

Through elective choices I also hope to add to my MBA course work with a concentration in Project Management. This concentration will perfectly complement my current position at RMU and set me up for success in future positions. To achieve success in the ever changing field of higher education, all higher education administrators must be confident, assertive, flexible, and adaptable to change. This constant change also means leadership in our field must possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, strong leadership skills, and exceptional budgeting and problem solving skills. These are all qualities of a competent project manager. I am excited about the opportunity to grow these skills as a student in the RMU MBA program.

Ultimately the challenge of MBA coursework will give me the opportunity to contribute to my success as an employee at RMU, in my future career, and to the field of higher education. Through this course work I will expand my ability as a higher education professional by adding the skills and understanding of a masters level business leader. This mindset will truly allow me to set myself apart as a higher education administrator. I could not be more motivated to take on this opportunity. I hope you find that I am a motivated and prepared future student for the Masters of Business Administration Degree at Robert Morris University.

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