Personal Values in the Workplace

Many individuals will often poll and say that personal attitudes and beliefs impact their employment performances. I can say from personal experience that my attitude is key to my work. When I’m in a good mood, I’m more motivated to do a better job, and even offer to help lend a hand to others who need it. When you go into work with a negative attitude you often lag and fall behind on completing things at work. The progress and success that you have reflects the performance made by employees. The issue is when those values and attitudes affect employee’s performances in which their work begins to be incomplete and you have employees who are slacking off and being unsuccessful.

It’s important for manager to pay attention to its peers’ values and attitude, but even more important that no one is being bullied because of their values. These sources helped me understand my claim of how personal attitudes and values affect workplace behavior and performances. When leaders have a clear understanding of their personal values then they are more likely to employ individuals who often have those same values and attitudes. Not only does this confirm that they’re more likely to get along but that the work environment is surrounded by people with the same beliefs. When everyone is on the same page it allows for a smoother running work environment.

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When you have an employee, who is being negative and displaying bad behavior it can affect those around them, creating a negative work place and resulting in lower job satisfaction. It’s important to know what kind of environment you are looking for when choosing future employees. You want to make sure people are matching and not mixing oil and water by placing people together who have opposite values. When an employer’s have knowledge if the co-worker’s values if provides them with a better understanding of how those values will match up to the other co-workers. Giving them insight of how successful their company will be, based off the performance of their employee’s.

It’s dismissed just how important managers influence is on co-worker’s values and attitudes. When you have a leader, who promotes positivity and uplifts their peers it reflects their success. It often makes them feel better about themselves and when they feel better about themselves they are often more likely to feel more confident about their work. Leaders are often viewed as role models and seen as influences for their peers.

In conclusion, many different values and attitudes exists amounts us in the work place. With multiple values and attitudes means that it raises for higher possibility that conflicts may occur, as well as issues in work performance. It’s so easy to be in a negative mood and go into work and not want to be there or even do your job. We are all guiltily of letting our attitude affect our mood and performance at work or even in on relationship with our peers. It’s also easy to see that our environment also plays importance on our mood and values. When we surround ourselves with positivity and individuals who seek success, it often encourages us to have the same outlook and values.

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