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Persuasive Presentation Evaluation Essay

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Evaluating me on my persuasive presentation could be difficult. I tend to be more critical of myself than others, but at the same time my grade is involved so I want to be realistic. I was not able to hear myself on the communicoach, but I could see my body language and remember my performance quite well. Gaining the attention of my audience I felt was strong. I related to my young audience by talking about recycling since the awareness of recycling is very prevalent these days.

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I compared the two on the level that you recycle your plastic water bottle because you have no use for them after you drink it and although you don’t see immediate personal results from recycling, you know it is for a good cause of others. This related to organ donation for the fact that once you pass you no longer have a need for your organs or tissue and by donation you are helping others.

I believe this approach was effective. I established three main points about my topic; the need for organ donation, facts about organ donation and how to become an organ donor.

These three points I felt were very important to touch on in this presentation because I wanted to get rid of all the myths that come with organ donation and the confusion on how to properly set yourself up to donate after you pass. I did a great job including these three points in my Power point Presentation. My Power Point slide show was developed to catch my audience’s attention by using the theme “Recycle yourself”. I took advantage of the limit of three slides. The first, focused on the organs that could be donated.

The second slide was used to show five main facts about organ donation and myths that usually come with organ donation. Lastly, was a large picture of a donation card of which I printed out copies of these cards and handing them out to the class. The thought behind that was people are more likely to complete them right after I did my presentation then expecting them to searching for them online. I noticed on the video that I used the stand more so than my first presentation which I wish I could do over. Although I did walk around a little and used the screen for my Power Point, I should have had small note ards and not depend on the stand. To make up for not covering the full front area, I know I maintained great eye contact and used clear and concise grammar. My conclusion was mentioned, but not established as well as the opener. I feel I came out strong and ended on a soft note. I could have touch again on my three main points and definitely mentioned my three sources throughout my presentation. I only sourced a personal story and then asked the audience for their personal stories, but failed to mention the great websites and articles I read on this subject.

Another fault of mine on this presentation was to establish the business aspect of this topic. In my mind, I had my idea of it being like a business since many hospitals and organization spend many hours and millions of dollars trying to get awareness out in the public eye, but I did not set the stage for this in the beginning of the presentation. Overall, I feel that I did great job, talked about a subject that is real and needed to be talked about. I had a great Presentation and even saw a few students complete their donor card which means my goal was accomplished.

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