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The team was Established 1 932 in Boston Massachusetts. George Preston Marshall, the team’s founder and original owner, thought of the idea strictly as a marketing gimmick. He thought the Redskins name was funny, just as he thought the war paint and f theater headdress he made the head coach wear were funny. He even had his players dress up in In Diana outfits and perform during halftimes. 19321934 the team was original named the Boston Braves. In 1934 the team changed its name to the Boston Redskins. Then in 1 937 when the et am moved to Washington D.

C. They changed the name to the Washington Redskins. Native American names appear to have been chosen to represent sports teams to emphasize the ‘Am rescanned’ of the team and its patriotic character,” The origin of the ‘Redskin’ term is widely debated by scholars the NFG and race SST alike. Team owner Dan Snyder, has insisted that the term actually means “honor” and “respect” toward Native Americans. However all modern American English dictionaries define the term “Redskin” as “offensive”, “disparaging”, “insulting”, and “taboo”.

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For centuries ‘red’ was the universally accepted color label for Native American. The Oxford English Dictionary cites the earliest use of the word in a 1 699 letter fro m an English colonialist, Samuel Smith, which states: “Ye firsts Meeting House was solid m Dade to withstands ye wicked insults of ye Red Skins. ” The word Redskin’s quite literal origin dates back to the institutionalized gene cede of Native Americans, most notably when the Massachusetts colonial government t placed a bounty on their life, and their skins, and particularly their skin on their head was use d as proof of the murder.

These bloody scalps were known as “redskins. ” The term has since evolved to take on further derogatory meanings. Specifically lay, in the 20th Century the term became a widely used derogatory term to negatively c heartier Native characters in films and on television {on slide] excerpt from a 1 972 letter to NFG President Bennett Williams from a coalition of American Indian organizations explaining why the term is disparaging}”The term “Reeds*n” has been perpetuated through such media as western movies and television.

Most often, the term is coupled with other derogatory adjectives, as “dirty Reeds*n” or “pesky Reds k*n” which is used interchangeably with the word “savage” to portray a misleading and den grating image of the Native American. ” In conclusion, the name of the Washington Redskins, is essentially represents nag a trophy of war-?the bloody scalp of a murdered and butchered Native American, slab gathered for money by the government. Because of this I think that any arguments the NFG makes trying to say that Redskin isn’t racist is ludicrous, ignorant and dishonest. {show logo slides} The stereotypical portrayal of American Indians to is offensive.

The arrow shoo was Native Americans as violent inept warriors. Also the use of a stylized headdress and f ace paint is very offensive as the headdress is a sacred, central cultural item for many tribes a ND the face paint is religiously and culture symbolic. The way fans dress in support of such racism m isn’t just offense they are also demeaning. Feathers are sacred to Native people, yet the eye are worn in mockery during sporting events. Fans shouldn’t encourage the ignorance to the racist undertones it sets, they should think of whether it really shows honor to Native America NSA when they paint their faces in a warlike pattern.

The team’s trademarks have been deemed racist are illegal under U. S. Federal law. Since 1905, federal trademark law has banned ‘scandalous or immoral’ trademarks. In 1947, trademarks that disparage, bring into contempt or disrepute persons, instituting eons, beliefs, or national symbols were also banned, yet the NFG still refuse to change the name During sacred ceremonies, in which Native people wear regalia or sing in their sacred languages and hold ceremony, alcohol is not used.

A Google search Of” Redskins NSA” fans can turn up some pretty horrible results. {SHOW FANS] The Redskins were the first team in the NFG with an official marching band an also the first team to have a fight song, Hail to the Redskins It was written sometime between 1 937 and 1 938 and the lyrics were written by Chorine Griffith , the wife of the previously mentioned Redskins founder, owner and infamously racist George Preston Marshall The original lyrics were written to reflect the native American warrior imagery of the Redskins.

T he lyrics were later reworked to be less offensive. Nonetheless, the fight song is one of the o Ides football fight songs in all of American professional football and still horribly offensive. During the 1938 season the Redskins played their new fight song for fans in attendance at the games. The Redskin band was dressed in buckskins and headdresses, and featured a chorus line o f prancing Indian princesses.

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