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Persuasive Speech Outline – Breed Specific Legislation

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Half of us know the affection and companionship of a dog. Half of us may even consider our dogs as a part of the family, and half of us would understand the pain of losing one of our pets. Laws are now being passed that are banning certain dogs from cities, counties, states, and even entire countries. It’s called Breed Specific Legislation, or BBS for short, and its sole purpose is to remove and euthanize dogs from American homes that are considered dangerous.

BBS does not work, and should not be considered because breed identification the cost to enforce breed specific legislation is high. Body I.

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Persuasive Speech Outline – Breed Specific Legislation
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According to an unknown author from The Humane Society of the United States, the nation’s largest and most effective animal protection organization last updated on January 9, 201 3 “Breed-specific legislation (BBS) is the banning or restriction of specific breeds of dogs considered “dangerous”‘. 1. The most infamous dog that is considered dangerous is the ‘pit bull’, and these dogs are the targets of most, if not all BBS appeals A.

In fact, a pit bull is not actually a breed of dog, it is a term used to describe three similar dog breeds, but more molly it is a generic term used for dogs with certain, sometimes vague characteristics.

These characteristics include: a) A square shaped head b) A short, square snout c) A bulky body II. All of those characteristics can be attributed to 72 other dog breeds; those that are in favor of BBS are simply outlining intimidating qualities of varied breeds. A) Furthermore, the American Humane Association, the nation’s voice for the protection of children and animals stated in 2012 that “out of 73 million dogs in the United States, 31 million of them are classified by their owners as “mutt’s”. ) This means it would be extremely difficult to recognize whether a dog is a pit bull or not if they have any of those characteristics. ) Many beloved pets that aren’t pit bulls would be seized from their homes simply because they look the part of a “dangerous dog breed”. But truth be told, this awful, terribly dangerous ‘pit bull’ dog is far from what those that support BBS and the media make it out to be. And that is why… Ill. My next main point is that no dog breed is more dangerous than another, specifically the pit bull, so it isn’t fair to ban a breed because of a distorted reputation. . You may hear some stories on the news about a pit bull seriously injuring someone, or even killing a small child.

While these cases are tragic, they have more to do with how the dog was trained or treated by a human, rather than the actual dogs temperament. A. It’s unfair to judge a dog breed based on HUMAN error. Any dog can be dangerous if: a) They are malnourished b) They are beaten and mistreated c) And trained to harm humans specifically. 2. The pit bull is no exception. They arena any more vicious than a Labrador retriever or even a toy poodle! A. According to my class survey, 63% of you all agreed that pit bulls are more dangerous than most other dog breeds, while of you were unsure.

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