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Persuasive Speech Outline (Using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

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  • Pages 2
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    Many people may not know that animal cruelty has been around for hundreds of years. . In the article “Animal Cruelty Prosecution” published by American Prosecution Research Institute found that, The Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony established “The Body of Liberties” found by the Animal Cruelty Prosecution, in 1641. The Body of Liberties was a document written for the protection of animals from unnecessary pain and suffering. Animal cruelty happens every day whether it is from starving, beating, lack of medical care or proper housing for animals. We are in need of stricter laws to help fight the rights of animals. Animal laws should be more strict on people …show more content…

    The man drove away from the accident like it never happened. I also had a friend whose mother was an animal hoarder. She didn’t know that having several animals is a sign of animal neglected to animals because it’s hard to keep up after all the animals, they will live unhealthy and cramped and dirty. Animals are being mistreated by people not giving the right amount of food, water or housing, which is causing the animals to dehydrate or starve. Animals are also being mistreated by humans committing violence toward them. Some people leave their animals outside all winter long without proper shelter for them. Some even leave their animals in the 100 degree weather without fresh water every day or a shelter to be under when it’s too hot outside. That’s a sign of neglect because the animal is suffering from heat exhaustion. There are some people who intentionally harm animals because of their low self-esteem. “These are people who intentionally hurt animals because they enjoy hurting things, or because it makes them feel powerful. Many of these people would hurt other people if they could get away with it. They just choose to hurt animals because animals are more helpless than people,” found by the American Prosecution Research Institute, in the article of “Real Issues”. Humans who have anger will take it out on their animals that can’t fight back; this leads to animals that can develop .

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    Persuasive Speech Outline (Using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. (2018, Feb 01). Retrieved from

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    What does an outline look like for a persuasive speech?
    Persuasive Speech Outline Format. Specific Purpose: (To change this audience's minds about…) § Attention Getter - (You really do need to grab our attention…) § Preview - (Tell us what your main points are and how they will change our minds to your point of view - concludes with Transition to your first main point.)
    What is Monroe's motivated Sequence example?
    If you use Monroe's motivated sequence, you're asking your audience to visualize the consequences of what will happen if they are persuaded to engage in the action you are arguing for. Health-related appeals often use this strategy: for example, smoking, seat belts, mask-wearing in a pandemic, etc.

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