Persuasive Speech Outline: Self-Acceptance

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The essay discusses how people struggle to accept themselves due to various factors such as cyberbullying, family, friends, and the perfect image portrayed on social media. The author highlights that bullying can lead to significant decreases in self-esteem and, in some cases, even suicide. The solution presented is to be oneself and embrace one’s flaws, rather than allowing society to alter oneself. The author concludes by emphasizing the importance of not giving in to societal pressures and being the only person who can decide one’s life.

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It was the week of midterms, I was stressed unable to get the concepts and facts into my head. I began talking to one of my friends and somehow the topic was directed to me, and essentially my friend had literally told me all my flaws and imperfections and told me I needed to change. I tried so hard to change. It wasn’t until much later I realized I had no idea who I was becoming, I had no idea who i was anymore, she changed me, she made me into something I wasn’t, and that was one of my most largest regrets.

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People cannot accept themselves due to social network sites, bullying, media and other daily experiences.


  • People cannot accept themselves
  • Cyberbullying, family, friends, all social networks, and the perfect image Accept who you are and be proud of yourself


  • People cannot accept who they are
  • people are not encouraged to embrace themselves


when someone is bullied about who they are their self esteem is significantly decreased, they can’t feel good about who they are. Bullying as we all know also leads to depression and suicide. According to the suicide awareness voices of education (SAVE) “An average of one person dies by suicide every 16.2 minutes.”They would rather die than be who they are, Family/friends problems: sometimes when people are having a hard time in their life they may feel as though its their fault and so they blame themselves. Due to that they feel the need to change, they feel as though they cant be who they are.


Be yourself. Terry Pratchett said, “ You cant go around building a better world for people. Only poeple can make a better world for themselves. Otherwise it’s a cage.” Do not try to tell others what to do, fix yourself, be who you are and accept yourself, do not tell anyone how to go about accepting themselves, it is your job to accept yourself not others. If all else fails and you still are not able to see yourself for who you are because society has already altered you too much then find help. Talk to someone and let them know how you feel and maybe they can help you.


Be yourself, conquer and use your flaws with you, do not let anyone get you down for being who you are. Do not let anyone, media, bullies, etc. bend you past fixation, do not let them shatter you, do not let anyone get in the way of you being yourself. Though there will always be some outside force telling you to change you need to hold string and fight against it, you cannot give into society, you are the one who will decide your own life. Do not let anyone change you because right now in this moment there is only one you in this world and you need to make the best of it.

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