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Persuasive Speech: The Bad Effects of Sugar

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  • Purpose: I want to persuade my audience that sugar is a dangerous drug that is damaging America’s health.
  • Thesis Statement: We need to know why we are addicted to sugar, how can stop the addiction, and the positive effects kicking the sugar habit will have on our lives.
  • Attention: Are you a sugarcoats? Do you eat refined sugar everyday? Can you go more than one day without eating some type of sugar containing food? Have you ever hidden candy in your home in an effort not to share them with anyone? If you have you are not alone; I am guilty Of my own questions.

Sugar addiction is the most prevalent, widely practiced and legally accepted addiction in our society. Through my research have found several books written on the sugar addiction and many of them have been best sellers. What does that say about society? It says that we are concerned about our health. Yet, few of us understand the effect sugar can have on our body.

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Persuasive Speech: The Bad Effects of Sugar
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We need to know why we are addicted to sugar, how we can stop the addiction, and the positive effects kicking the sugar habit will have on our lives. (Transition: I know you are thinking sugar is not a drug, come on it is sugar. ) We as a nation are addicted to sugar.

What is an addict

Webster’s Dictionary defines addict as “A habit so strong that it cannot easily be broken; or a chemical or psychological dependency.” The problem is we don’t realize our addiction to sugar.

  1. The U. S. Department of Agriculture says we consume 130 pounds of sugar a year.
  2. That’s 30 to 33 teaspoons of sugar daily.
  3. The recommended daily allowance is 2 teaspoons.

Why are we addicted to sugar

The answer is simple; we love it. We love:

  • The energy boost: of a snickers bar.
  • The price: 10 licorice for $1. , Can you imagine a cheaper habit to support?
  • The availability: Especially in this city does 7/11 ring a bell.
  • The smell: of cookies, brownies or apple pie in the oven.
  • And most of all we love the taste.

But there are far more dangerous substances to be addicted to. Right? Author Nancy Appleton says sugar has the ability to Upset your whole body chemistry. Meaning sugar can cause a series of negative chemical reactions in the body that effectors health. The American Dental Association tells us sugar promotes tooth decay- a chemical reaction. In a study performed by Dry. Ellen Grant she found that patients with high sugar intake experienced higher migraine occurrence – a chemical reaction. C. Sugar can cause hyperactivity, anxiety, concentration difficulties, and crankiness in adults and children alike- a chemical reaction. D. The low you feel when your sugar high is gone- a chemical reaction.

Another chemical reaction sugar has on the body is it interferes with the bodies ability to absorb calcium and magnesium, which can lead to osteoporosis. (Transition: How can we prevent these chemical reactions from taking place in our bodies? By educating ourselves we can stop our addiction to sugar. We know we need a certain amount of sugar in our system to sustain life, but where should we get it? )

We need to know good sugar from bad sugar.

  1. Good sugar or natural sugar comes from natural products like fruits and vegetables. We also get sugar from intake of carbohydrates: such as bread pasta, and cereal.
  2. Bad sugar is also known as refined or processed sugar. It derives from sugar cane. World Book Encyclopedia explains how raw sugar is obtained from sugar cane.

Processors first wash and shred the cane. The cane is then placed in a crushing machine, which forces a sugary juice called cane juice from the stalks. After the juice is heated and filtered, an evaporator and vacuum pan remove much of the water from it, forming syrup. A centrifuge separates sugar crystals from the syrup producing raw sugar. The process of creating raw sugar can be compared to the way drugs are processed.

  • Heat to the purest form.
  • Creating a powder.
  • Then distribute.

(Transition: Now that you know the difference between good and bad sugars oh can plan healthier tomorrow for you and your family. Having natural food in your system can cause positive reactions in your body. In turn creating a healthier you.)

Satisfaction Step

The Sugar Addicts Total Recovery Program by Dry Kathleen Decisions suggests seven simple steps to kicking the sugar habit.

  1. Eat breakfast with protein. Dry says sugar addicted people do not normally eat breakfast.  Which means by 10 a. m. We are reaching for the most convenient thing to snack on.  Which is usually some sugar loaded substance.
  2. Keep a journal. Write down what you eat. And how you feel when you eat it.  That way you can keep track of your sugar cravings.
  3. Three meals a day with protein. Dry believes protein stabilizes blood sugar. Reducing the amount of sugar cravings.
  4. Take Vitamins. A multivitamin a day keeps the doctor away.
  5. Shift from Whites To Browns. White foods such as bread or rice generally under the same type of process as sugar to get its color. Robbing it of its nutrients. Wheat bread and brown rice are more natural products. They are healthier for the body.
  6. Taking out the sugar.
  7. Now you watch your intake of sugar. This step should be easier because you have been training your body not to crave processed sugar substances.
  8. Enjoy the healthier you. (Transition: You don’t have to adopt this plan, any plan that concentrates on eating a well balanced diet can help)

Visualization Step

If a healthy eating plan is put into action you can have a healthier you.

  • Enjoy a stronger immune system to fights disease.
  • Enjoy your body state of homeostasis, which is a balanced state. Where sugar doses? Outweigh nutrients. Live longer.
  • Enjoy your family.

You can teach your healthy way of life to your children. They will teach their children. Ensuring a healthy bloodline.

Action Step

Everyone deserves a healthy long life. Don’t cheat yourself by supporting your current addiction to sugar. Now that we know why we are addicted to sugar, how we can stop our sugar addiction, and the positive effects kicking the sugar habit can have on our lives, what are you waiting on. Future generations are counting on you today to in the words of Nancy Appleton “Lick The Sugar Habit.”

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