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To whom it may concern, I am writing to you to inform about my humble opinion about the bull runs and also the bull fighting which happens every July, for nine days, in Pamplona. I witnessed the event from a video on YouTube and promise to tell you everything I think about it. I hope that I can express my viewpoints without insulting the tradition, the people from Spain and even yourself. To start off I would like to say that I am strongly against bull running and most of all bull fighting.

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I understand it has been tradition for over 300 years, and millions of tourists come to the country or more specifically Pamplona just to watch this major event. I also know that the bull fighting and running bring joy and entertainment for the Spanish people and tourists but this simple reason is not enough to kill 9 bulls every year. You could counter my arguments by saying that we kill the bulls and also cows for meat these days, but protein is a basic need for all human beings.

Nowadays meat is getting more and more expensive and we can all say that it is probably because there are less and less animals for meat.

Meat is something we need to survive, of course entertainment is important but there many other ways to do so without hurting the poor bulls that suffer tremendously during the bullfighting. The Bull Run is not such a problem because the bulls do not die in it, of course it also causes the bull problems because they get extremely stressed before running. I am sure, that after living in peace for your whole life, you wouldn’t want to be stuck in a very small place with others like you to run around town together with other animals. In this case I have compared humans to animals as that is what they seem to be.

As I think this is an atrocious event, I have thought myself of some ways in which this event could be a little less stressful and painful for all the bulls, which take part in it. First of all, the Toreador spikes 6 spears into the bulls back. This is just cruelty to animals, it is not acceptable at all. The bull has already suffered a lot when he was running as he was stressed and didn’t know what was happening and now he has six spears in his back with the blood dripping from his veins. The poor bull, then, gets killed by the “Matador” in a cruel and slow matter.

As this is tradition, I know that you can’t ban it forever but at least make some changes so that the bulls live every moment of their lives well. For a start, not killing the bulls would bulls would be perfect. Another part of the tradition that could be taken away is the spears part. Imagine if this was happening to you? You wouldn’t like it, would you? In conclusion to my letter, I would like to say that this atrociousness has to stop in one way or another. I hope I have expressed myself in a polite manner and that you considered what I have said so that the poor bulls do not suffer as much as they do. You’re sincerely,

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