Philo Farnsworth : The Most Famous Invention

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Philo Taylor Farnsworth was born on 19 August, 1906 near Beaver, Utahan, USA to Serena and Lewis Farnsworth. He learnt a lot of things on his own when he was growing up because he lived on a farm and first got interested in electricity and electrons then. When he was in Rigby High School where he did really well in chemistry and physics he came up with the idea of electronically scanning pictures for transmission which means making images using electricity.

For two years Philo went to Brigham Young University but he had to quit because of some problems at home but then people gave him money so he could move to California to work on making a television that was electric and not mechanical like the ones inventors tried to make before him. In 1972 Philo made a straight line appear on the electronic TV screen but even though he was the first person to do this and helped the most to make it work, he didn’t become as famous as Charles Francis Jenkins. A lot of people worked together to make the electric television work but Philo Farnsworth did a lot of the work.

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He died on 11 March 1971. I have chosen Philo Farnsworth because he has invented one of my favourite things in the world which is the television and I always wondered how it worked. What are his expertise and his major inventions? In high school Philo Farnsworth was one of the finest physicists in his class. Philo knew the basic way to operate televisions when he was only thirteen years old. He was interested in electrons and mechanics during his early life too and invented over 165 devices for different electronic things.

His most famous invention was the television but his other inventions helped to make a lot of electronic things better like night vision devices, the baby incubator, the astronomical telescope and even the microscope. What were Philo Farnsworth’s positives and negatives to the environment and society? The effect on society The disadvantages of the television on society are that it distracts people especially kids and makes them sit there doing nothing for many hours a day so it’s bad for people’s health.

It can also damage people’s eyesight and hearing and make people lazy so they have a higher chance of becoming obese or overweight. The TV can also have scenes that are not appropriate for some ages like drugs, bad language and many more, and it can influence the viewers to do what they see on TV like drugs, swearing and violence. The benefits are when someone is tired they can rest because its relaxing, or watch to check the news or weather when they need to.

People also watch TV together so they spend time with their friends and family and they can also talk about it with each other. There could also be news about what is happening in the country you are in and if a natural disaster is coming or if you want to watch documentaries to get educated and find out survival skills. It connects everyone in the world together. The environment The disadvantages to the environment is when throws away their television out on the street it can be burnt by people or the owner and it an damage the ozone layer because of the gases in makes.

When a television is thrown to a landfill the chemicals of the television can spread the insides of the TV has car batteries, harmful x-rays, ray tubes and melted ray tubes these can ruin the soil and water recourses. It also poisons the soil and the water where it’s dumped so it damages animal’s habitats too. The advantage it has is that it’s a god way to teach a lot of people about the environment like in documentaries or in commercials because they can’t skip it so they have to see it. New TVs also use a lot less electricity now and are sometimes made biodegradable so when they get dumped it can break down more easily.

Should the society support scientific research? I think the society should support scientific research because all the research that scientists do are all about helping make the world better, safer, and easier to live in. It also helps to answer questions we wonder about like how the world started and solve problems about the environment today. Science is the study of how everything works and without it we would still be living in the bush and using fire to cook our food. Scientists research for society to we should help them help us by supporting them.

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