Invention of the Digital Camera

Have you ever wondered who created a camera that can actually capture a moment in time and saves it inside the camera, and that camera can transfer the image to the computer, while being capable of editing the image on the camera itself? I think the digital camera is very important because it takes photography to a whole new level. In this essay, I will explore who invented the digital camera, where that person got their idea, and how it affect our society.

The digital camera is an extremely useful device, being capable of “freezing” time and converting that moment into a picture by using electronic filtering to generate colors and creating the image, then store them in a memory card. All those actions are done so quickly, that the user hardly realize how many things the camera actually execute when they take the photo, by pressing a button.

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A digital camera enables us to edit, delete, or print it using a computer, which is very convienent. It was created in 1975, which is in the late 20th century. The inventor of the digital camera, Steven Sasson, took a risk and was the first person to actually be able to sucessfully build a fimless camera. He was born at Brooklyn, New York, in 1950. The idea came to the photography industry when they thought of have a camera which would let them edit the images using the computer.

Kodak, the current major camera producer, and the company that Steven Sasson works at, was the first to oficially introduce to the global market the digital camera. The invention has a large impact on the human society, and to be more specific, all the photography specialization in the world right now. As I mentioned before, it is giving photographers all over the world a better experience, giving families an opportunity to save the image they take on their computer, then transfer them into their cellphones, iPods, etc.

Certain business and advertisement companies can now also add new effects onto the photograph they take, much easier and convienent. In conclusion, I think the digital camera is an extremely large advancement in the technology industries. The digital cameras are still being improved today, getting better and better, giving the customers the best service possible. The digital camera continues to make people happy by giving them new choices and options, but still keeping the simple action the user have to take – one click.

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