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The report focuses on the use of the internet in Malaysia. According to findings, there are 10 million internet users in Malaysia, with an average of 9 hours of internet usage per week. The majority of internet users are males, accounting for 50.2% while females make up 49.8%. The pie chart indicates that working adults have the highest number of internet users (34.6%), while retired persons have the lowest (8.4%). The remaining three categories of internet users are school-going kids, university and college students, and homemakers & home-employed. The highest activity among internet users in 2005 was sending e-mails (73.7%), followed by education or research (46.8%). Only 1.3% of internet users engaged in other activities. In conclusion, the report shows that most internet users in Malaysia use the internet for sending e-mails, as it is a faster and easier way of communication.

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You are advised to pass about 40 proceedingss on this undertaking. You will be assessed on undertaking fulfillment. linguistic communication and administration.

You have been asked to compose a short study on the usage of the Internet in Malaysia. Your study should incorporate all the information given below. You should compose 150 to 200 words.

Computers have become a portion of life for Malaysians. Findings show that there are 10 million Internet users in Malaysia who surf the cyberspace on an norm of 9 hours per hebdomad. Males make up 50. 2 % and females 49. 8 % of cyberspace users.

Distribution of Internet Users

Distributions of Internet Users by Activity in Malaysia ( 2005 ) ( based on multiple responses )

The pie chart shows the distribution of cyberspace user while the tabular array shows the distribution of cyberspace users by activity in Malaysia. There are 10 million cyberspace users in Malaysia who surf the cyberspace on an norm of 9 hours per hebdomad. More male of cyberspace users compare to female users. 50. 2 % are males users and 49. 8 % are females users. Harmonizing to the pie chart. the highest figure of cyberspace users is working grownups. that’s 34. 6 % or 3. 460. 000 users. Among the 5 different distribution of cyberspace user. retired persons has the lowest cyberspace users at merely merely 8. 4 % or 840. 000 users.

The staying 3 distribution cyberspace users are school-going kids. university & A ; college pupils and homemakers & A; home-employed. There severally are 25. 6 % . 17. 2 % and 14. 2 % users in this 3 distribution cyberspace users. Based on the tabular array given. the highest figure of cyberspace users by activity in twelvemonth 2005 is E-mail for approximately 73. 7 % while instruction or research is the 2nd highest activity for approximately 46. 8 % .

In the other manus. merely 1. 3 % of cyberspace users in other activity and this is the lowest figure. In decision. most of the cyberspace users use the cyberspace in directing E-mail because this is a faster and easy manner to pass on with other.

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