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The PIE paragraph model helped me develop my writing skills. Before learning this model, my writing was disorganized and lacked focus. After brainstorming and choosing a specific point to develop on, I included relevant information and examples to support my analysis. However, explanations were the most important part of the paragraph as they connected the point and information. By using this model, my writing became more persuasive and easier to understand.

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The PIE paragraph model has greatly helped me in developing paragraphs that are reasonable and logical. Prior to learning about the PIE paragraph model, I would blindly and haphazardly approach my writing process. After being given a topic, I would briefly consider what it entailed and then proceed to write without any organization. As a result, my paragraphs would lack persuasion and focus. Furthermore, I would often neglect to revise my work, resulting in the presence of fragment sentences and run-ons that would only be identified when my teacher marked them with a large red X.

Upon discovering the concept of the PIE paragraph model, I recognized the ease and organization it brought to my writing. Now, when presented with a topic, my first step is to conduct a brainstorm or free write to gather all pertinent information and words. Subsequently, I ensure that my chosen point of focus is neither too broad nor too narrow for the paragraph. To support my analysis, I place relevant examples immediately following the point. Nevertheless, a single example often lacks the persuasive power needed to reinforce the point.

In order to make the paragraph more impactful, I needed to provide two or three necessary examples. However, merely giving examples was not enough to support my point. I also had to establish a connection between the point and the information by explaining their relevance. For me, explanations were the crucial component of the paragraph and deserved more attention. Without a strong explanation, the paragraph would resemble a story that requires the reader to decipher my intended message.

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