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Pocahontas Research Paper Response to PocahontasPeople

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Matoakas Essay, Research Paper

Response to Pocahontas

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Pocahontas Research Paper Response to PocahontasPeople
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Peoples today tend to size up every facet of anything that crosses the Ag screen. The Disney company is ever questioned on the world of their movies. Some see racism, prejudice, or ignorance toward history. Now for a sketch that? s supposed to entertain kids, Disney does it the best. They do it so good that some argue that the people who criticize Disney are the one? s who have the job. But when Disney makes a movie they have to maintain one thing in head when they do it.

They have to understand that what they show to kids those childs are traveling to see that, and except that as the truth. Take for illustration the film Pocahontas by Disney. This is a movie with many defects that could finally take childs off the truth behind the existent narrative of Pocahontas. Pocahontas was a existent narrative with existent people. By Disney taking that movie and seting their ain turn on it, they could take an full coevals of childs off from what? s true.

Disney was incorrect when they made the film because what they showed wasn? t the truth, and by taking history and altering it about is merely unethical.

Jaquelyn Kilpatrick tries to do that same point on an essay about comparatively the same thing. Jaquelyn Kilpatrick provinces, ? Alternatively of advancement in picturing Native Americans, this movie takes a measure rearward? a really unsafe measure because it is so carefully glossed as? reliable? and? respectful? ? ( 74 ) . Kilpatrick points out that Pocahontas was supposed to be the most? Personal computer? of all the Disney films of all time. But the anchor of her thesis is that it didn? t wage attending to any of the facts about Pocahontas? life because it was so politically right. She besides argues, ? For one thing, she was non a voluptuos immature adult female when she met John Smith but a ten- to twelve-year-old miss, and John Smith was a thirty-something soldier of fortune who more resembled a brick than a blonde Adonis? ( 74 ) . Disney non merely clouded the narrative of a immature miss who was kidnapped and raped by English colonists, but they even portrayed her looks wholly incorrect. ? Besides her beautiful? more Asiatic? eyes, he gave her a organic structure with a wasp waist, sexy hips and legs, and chests that are genuinely impressive? ( 76 ) . She besides went on to explicate the deceit of the English colonists. She points out? the English in the movie are extre

mely unidimensional in their bumbling greed? ( 76 ) . Disney non all stereotyped all English as money hungry brigands, but they besides stereotyped all Native American as ready to fall caput over heels for the first white adult male who comes their manner. Kilpatrick goes on stating? they changed her age, her organic structure, and gave her a motivation for her actions that boils down to traveling gaga over the first white adult male she sees? ( 74 ) . But the one point that Kilpatrick stated over an over was that Disney changed the truth behind the narrative of Pocahontas. Pocahontas was changed to go forth a smiling on everyone? s face.

The narrative of Pocahontas wasn? t a happy love narrative ; it was a tragic narrative of a immature miss. Pocahontas was a miss who was kidnapped and raped by the English colonists. She was so married to a baccy plantation owner named John Rolf and went to England, merely to decease of variola on the journey to return place. Personally, I agree with every point that Kilpatrick presented in her statement. The narrative of Pocahontas wasn? t Disney? s type narrative, but Disney turned it into one for the interest of money. Disney saw an unfastened market for a Native American narrative, and they went for it giving history for a dollar. Disney wanted to make something for a civilization that has ne’er been honored before, the Native Americans. But they did it in exchange for history. Native Americans where honored but non through the true narrative of Pocahontas. Pocahontas and Disney? s Matoakas are two different people. But in the eyes of kids everyplace when they think of a Native American narrative they? ll think of Disney? s.

It? s a sad thing that something like a film could alter something like the existent narrative of Pocahontas. Out there is a coevals of childs who went to see a existent good film. But the film that was supposed to be the truth truly wasn? T. The film was something distorted and molded to fulfill an audience that wouldn? T be happy with force, and unattractive people. Kilpatrick made a point with this article. The point being that this film could hold a much larger consequence than expected. So if you of all time inquire a small child who saw the film what happened to Pocahontas, and you acquire? she met John Smith and fell in love? good so Disney has succeeded. Because that child represents a million others who have no hint what truly happened to the Powhatan people back in the early 17th century.

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