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Response Paper – From Movie Waltz with Bashir Essays

Running head: Response Paper – From Movie Waltz with Bashir
Historically, works of art, such as movies, arouse a variety of responses – both negative and positive – from audiences. For example, audiences can be mollified after watching an up building movie. On the other hand, the portrayal of discouraging aspects through a movie may make audiences to demonstrate fury. Further, audiences can draw significant life lessons from watching a movie. In connection with the aforementioned concepts, I have made several important observations after watching Ari Folman’s 2008 Waltz with Bashir movie. For example, I have been angered by the movie’s explanation that Folman – barely 19 years of age, worked as an infantry soldier within the Israeli Defense Forces. This element demonstrates how far insensitive authorities can go in ensuring that their political objectives are met by even recruiting obviously underage persons as infantrymen. On the other hand, the fact that after apparently losing memory of his war experiences, Folman eventually consults friends, a psychologist, as well as Ron Ben-Yishai demonstrates that the character seeks for a definitive closure to his past life (Folman and Polonsky 86). This is a positive development as Folman can only forge ahead after fully understanding and reconciling himself with his teenage war activities. Conversely, through the movie, I have deduced that war – no matter its cause or agenda – is essentially destructive and evil. The depiction of Folman’s hardened character shows how war ravages persons. All in all, through the various events in the Movie Waltz with Bashir movie, I have experienced various emotions – including fury towards Folman’s war recruiters, appreciation for Folman’s decision to definitively close his war experiences, as well as the realization that war is basically evil.
To begin with, it is disheartening to see the barely teenage Folman holding the position of an infantry soldier within the Israeli Defense Forces. It is clear that this 19-year old youngster is too young to fully comprehend the implications of war.  This seems to be one of the reasons why Folman is a soldier because the authorities know that they can manipulate him as they wish owing to his impressionable nature. This portrayal presents a candid picture of how those in power abuse vulnerable members of the society as the authorities seek to maintain the status quo. This is a very saddening affair as it demonstrates human selfishness and malevolence.
Further, I am pleased to see Folman trying to come to a final closure of his past life after he encounters an old acquaintance. To this end, Folman seeks for information from other friends, a psychologist, as well as a journalist. This action proves that the character is really determined to do away with his past expresses, thus beginning a new life.
Conversely, after studying Folman’s damaging war experiences, especially where he bathes amid a raging war, I have concluded that war is principally evil. For instance, through war, Folman and his fellow soldiers are made hardy with regard to war and cannot thus properly demonstrate emotions. Such hardening is eventually very destructive as it makes people cynical.
In conclusion, the Waltz with Bashir movie has important life lessons well as significant high and low points. For example, Folman’s recruitment as a young soldier demonstrates the ugly side of politics where authorities abuse subjects as they seek to attain the goals. Further, Folman’s hardened stance demonstrates that war destroys humanity among combatants.  Conversely, Folman’s idea of seeking full information regarding his war activities demonstrates his desire to bring to a full closure his war experiences. The character will thus commendably invite complete healing.

Work Cited
Folman, Ari and Polonsky, David. Waltz with Bashir: A Lebanon War Story. New York: Metropolitan Books, 2009.

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