Poor Planning Results in Disappointment

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The author and their family decided to spend the December holiday at the Cape of Good Hope, but their planning was poor. They found a cheap place to stay near the beach, but forgot to bring enough cash and credit cards for tollgates and petrol pumps. They arrived late and couldn’t find the Royal beach house they had booked. After searching for hours, they discovered it was not a royal house at all. With little daylight left, they found an expensive caravan park to stay at. The author learned that poor planning leads to disappointment.

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The past December holiday was a disaster. A week before the holiday would start, we desided (my family and I) to spend the holidays at the Cape of Good Hope. Searching on the net, I found a lovely Cheep place to stay ‘near the beech’. When we all drove off the first sines of bad planning made its appearance at the first tollgate. Someone forgot to remember the cash and the crededcard, so everywhere we went we first had to write a check, and bank it, to get cash for the tollgate, petrol pumps and so forth.

We arrived very late that night in Cape Town. Our first thought was to go strait to the beach because our flat would be near there. Searching for hours not finding the “royal beach house” we gave up and looked for the nearest hotel. Murphies law: the hotel was fully booked. As well as the next twenty hotels. The ladies at the info centre (which we finally decided to visit) looked very odd when we politely asked were the “royal beach house” was situated?

To my biggest shock, I definitely thought I was dreaming a nightmare, the “Royal beach House” was a Royal ……..! That place was so far from royal as the cape was from Timbuktu. With just an hour left of sunlight we drove beach to the info centre and asked for any available places to stay. We did find a place, not near the beach but far, not cheep but expensive, and definitely not a house or flat or hotel but a caravan park. This experience taught me a lesson that I would never forget: poor planning results in major disappointment!

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