Diana’s Disappointment: The Promotion Stumbling Block

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Diana’s lack of self-awareness was the main reason for her not receiving a promotion for the second time. She did not take her supervisor’s advice to improve her people skills, and instead rationalized her first promotion rejection as simply corporate politics. Diana’s management style also lacked emotional management, as seen by the high employee turnover and her unwillingness to try new methods to improve. She needs to be more encouraging, patient, and open to new ideas from her employees. Attending management conferences and having regular meetings to discuss new ideas could also benefit her leadership skills. A leadership strategy analysis could also be helpful for her future growth.

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I would say that Diana’s level of self awareness is in low standings and was one of the reasons why she didn’t receive a promotion the second time around. Diana should of been more self aware and took the advice that her supervisor Julie gave to her about fostering stronger people skills. It proves that Diana isn’t self aware not only did Diana ignore the advice that was given to her to succeed, she rationalized the real reason of her being passed up for the first promotion as simply corporate politics. By Diana not acting on this advice, it shows her leadership that she is not ready for change within herself and to grow to the maturity level required for the multi unit management job. Diana isn’t able to manage relationship between her and her staff, its show by the high number of employee turnover. For instance Diana fired a couple employees because they decided to try a new customer service method, which wasn’t compliant with the establishment process. Diana wasn’t willing to try anything new to improve because Diana didn’t want to change her successful management strategy.

Diana’s self management of her emotions was also very prudent. Its clear in how Diana saw her staff and not caring about how much turnover there was between employees and only wanting to work under her own management style ways. Diana thought by having a successful track record it would ensure her continuous success and entitlement for further advancement. Also, bursting out into tears during her follow up interview and leaving rather than sticking around for feedback as to why she did not receive the promotion was a clear lack of her own emotional management. Having the ability to manage her staff’s emotions was clearly not distinct in Diana’s social awareness track record. If Diana had cared more about her staff’s wants/needs/feelings, Diana could of fostered a stronger work environment with less employee turnover and stronger unity. Diana should of talked to her employees that decided to take it upon themselves to try and improve customer service through new innovation in service tactics in a professional way rather then firing the employees.

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For Diana to get a promotion she really needs to start to listen to her employees and trust what they have to say. And instead of her wanting the best of the best she should be more inspirational, encourage them to be more productive. She can’t expect 110 percent if she isn’t more encouraging, she needs to be more patient with everybody. She also needs to go outside the box and quit doing everything by the book.

Diana could start going to conferences of management where they talk about all the new and affective ways to manage your employees. Also they should have monthly meetings, see how everyone likes what’s going on and to give everybody a chance to say something and present new ideas.

The Company should send Diana to a leadership strategy, its based on a thorough analysis of a current situation and an informed view of the future. The strategy then provides a series of recommendations to close the gap between the current situation and desired future.

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