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Position Paper Research Paper The conflict

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Position Paper Essay, Research Paper

The struggle in the former Portuguese Southeast Asiatic settlement of East Timor, illicitly invaded and annexed by Indonesia in September 1975, continues to maturate off. Indonesia ’ s suppression of legitimate East Timorese aspirations for regard of their human rights, including the right of self-government, has been a cause for continued international tensenesss. The decease toll in East Timor is about 250,000. The size of the decease toll, combined with Indonesian policies that seem to be explicitly aimed at take downing and thining the Timorese population have led to accusals saying that this is knowing race murder by the Indonesian government.

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Position Paper Research Paper The conflict
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The Indonesian armed forces has established an intense and permeant presence in East Timor. Weapons have been supplied to the military by many states, including the United States and the United Kingdom. The authorities of Singapore supports the remotion of such arms as combatant planes, bombers, missiles, choppers, light armored combat vehicles, armored forces bearers, armoured H2O cannons, Bailey Bridgess, Land Rovers, frigates, patrol boats, naval guns and firing systems.

Such actions as decreases to the Indonesian Military Education and Training ( IMET ) plan, an trade stoppage on the sale of light arms to Indonesia, and a suspension on the sale of certain types of heavy arms is besides supported.

The authorities of Singapore is giving their full support toward taking military personnels from East Timor. Not merely will this discontinue the force, it will besides let the procedure of self-government to get down. In December of 1975 and April of 1976, the Security Council of the United Nations passed declarations which demanded that “ the Government of Indonesia withdraw all of its forces from the territory. ” Although all United Nations members are bound to stay by Security Council declarations, Indonesia has been in rebelliousness of this regulation for over 20 old ages. The authorities of Singapore is demoing a willingness to work with the international community towards taking these military personnels.

Singapore to the full believes that peace can non be entirely established in East Timor with merely the remotion of the Indonesian military, but through the procedure of taking all arms, and with the decreases of such plans as the IMET.

The Situation in Afghanistan

Singapore, as much of the planetary community, is concerned with the current crisis in Afghanistan. In August of 1998, the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 1193, which called for an immediate armistice, peace negotiations, riddance of assistance, and the immediate release of any diplomats held by the Taliban. This Resolution has been refused by the Taliban to this day of the month. Because of the many human-centered issues involved, Singapore, as maintainers of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Religious Intolerance, believe that the Taliban ’ s limitations are a direct misdemeanor of many basic human rights, such as

freedom of faith. In add-on, more economic and human-centered assistance to the people of Afghanistan is strongly recommended by the Republic of Singapore who encourages all members to back up joint declarations recommending such actions.

As the Taliban ’ s actions threaten to take the war between Afghanistan and Iran, Singapore calls upon the Taliban authorities to reply all of Iran ’ s ailments candidly and to negociate a colony without stipulations to forestall farther jobs in the hereafter.

The Kosovo Crisis

The authorities of Singapore is badly concerned with the violent actions which are taking topographic point in Kosovo. On February 28, 1998, Serbian particular constabulary launched a barbarous onslaught against the Albanians. From that twenty-four hours on, several slaughters of guiltless civilians have been committed.

Singapore supports the peace negotiations taking topographic point in France, which give the international community an historic chance to make peace in Kosovo that provides the footing for long-run stableness in the part. The authorities of Singapore will demo a willingness to work within the international community to make a declaration in order to derive and retain peace.

The authorities of Singapore besides believes that all Serbian forces should be removed from Kosovo. Removal of the forces will dramatically better the security state of affairs for international peace-keepers assigned at that place by taking the mark of KLA onslaughts. The remotion will besides make an ambiance of security in which the population of Kosovo can stop its trust on armed opposition. In exchange for the remotion of Serb forces, Singapore besides believes that the Kosovar Albanians must supply a warrant of security to all staying cultural minorities, including Serbs.

Singapore believes that merely a big force, such as NATO, will hold the ability to halt violent deaths or to implement the most basic footings of the understanding entered into by Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. Merely well-armed NATO forces with ample agencies and authorization to implement the footings of the peace understanding can supply the necessary security on the land in Kosovo to halt the violent death. The authorities of Singapore will back up the actions of this organisation.

The Republic of Singapore is besides willing to work within the international community on the issue of war felons being set free. Singapore supports the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, which investigates and prosecutes war offenses in Kosovo. The authorities of Singapore believes that the parties of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia ( FRY ) should hold to co-operate instantly and to the full with the tribunal pursuant to all relevant United Nations Security Council declarations. The parties must besides hold to collar and confine all individuals indicted by the court who reside or transit through any portion of Serbia or the FRY.

The authorities of Singapore believes in universe peace, and supports peace negotiations which help convey peace to such states as Kosovo.

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