Position Paper for Voter ID Laws Sample Essay

Voter ID Laws are Torahs that have been enacted in 30 States that require electors to showcase their ID ( What form/how rigorous the policy is varies from state-to-state ) before they can vote. These Torahs have late come under the national limelight and have caused a contention in both public and political sentiment. First adopted every bit early as 2003. these Torahs are designed to forestall voter-ID fraud ( People registering as person they are non and voting ) . Interestingly plenty. the elector ID jurisprudence was upheld by the Supreme Court in 2008.

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Position Paper for Voter ID Laws Sample
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Advocates of elector ID Torahs claim that they help battle elector fraud. Republicans. the bulk of whom support these Torahs. province that these Torahs guarantee the unity and quality of the vote system. For those who say that these Torahs undermine the vote rights of the aged. low-income and hapless because it potentially restricts them from projecting their ballot. protagonists of the jurisprudence cull this impression by saying that there are non many people who will be un-eligible to vote entirely due to the elector ID Torahs.

They support their statement by claiming that Democrats merely overstate the consequence that elector ID Torahs would hold and that they are merely doing it an issue because they fear that Democrat-leaning electors will be unable to project their ballot.

Oppositions of elector ID Torahs claim that they disenfranchise certain groups of electors and discourage electors as a whole. They see these Torahs are merely another obstruction on the already-much-avoided way to voting. More specifically. they claim that these Torahs curb the rights of the minority. low-income and aged as they have a more hard clip in obtaining proper ID. Ironically plenty. the 3 aforementioned groups tend to typically vote Democrat. Democrats frequently draw a analogue between these elector ID Torahs and Jim Crow Laws. which placed limitations on the ballot and badly curbed the power of inkinesss to project their ballots.

My stance on the elector ID Torahs is that they should be legal and in every province. but with some reserve. I believe that the mean American who is even somewhat involved in political relations and is relevant to the general community around him/her and is concerned about the the current province and hereafter of the state will hold some kind of ID. An overpowering bulk of Americans have some kind of ID. whether it be a exposure ID or non ; Bank statements. driving licence. measures. recognition cards. ranks and etc are all signifiers of ID accepted in MOST States that have the elector ID Torahs. If one must hold ID to buy intoxicant or nicotine-containing substances so I do non see a job in the demand to hold ID present when playing a portion in the country’s hereafter. projecting their ballot. If one is genuinely homeless or unfortunate plenty non to run into any standards of holding some signifier of ID so it is the State’s duty to hold an freedom available for such persons every bit good as immediate assistance available for those that can non obtain a simple ID are in demand of it.


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