North Korea Position Paper Sample

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Background of the issue

Ever since December of 1945 when North Korea became a absolutism under Kim Il-Sung. it has been considered a menace to the stableness in Asia. North Korea was involved with fabrication forgery money. and international drug gross revenues in order to finance the production of a atomic arms plan. The authorities as besides openly admitted to nobbling citizens of other states such as Japan or South Korea. In November 2010. North Korea displayed a freshly built uranium enrichment works.

The international community has been coercing them to halt their atomic plan. but North Korea has isolated itself that about no visitants can come in or go forth the state hence much cognition of North Korea’s activities are unknown. In 2003. North Korea withdrew from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and began developing their ain atomic bomb enforcing a immense menace since the missiles can make anyplace from the United States and China to South Korea or Japan.

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The international community imposed countenances upon North Korea in vain but it has non stopped their atomic plan. Even though the IAEA adopted several declarations which called for North Korea to follow with international criterions. they were ignored. After North Korea tested seven missiles over the Sea of Japan in July 2005.

South Korea instantly stopped nutrient assistance in protest. Other states such as the US. Japan. and Australia condemned all of North Korea’s atomic trials demanding that North Korea would suspend all missile launches. By January 2009. Hillary Clinton. US Secretary of State visited North Korea to normalise economic ties if they halted their atomic plan. but North Korea did non hold.

Israel’s place on the issue

Although Israel does non play a major or direct function in the issue on North Korea’s missile crisis. we stand steadfastly behind the United States because they are one of our strongest Alliess and portion our same involvements in halting North Korea’s atomic plan. Not merely does North Korea enforce a unsafe menace to the full international community with its atomic plan. but it besides provides arm supplies to Israel’s chief challengers: Iran. Syria. and Egypt.

In add-on North Korea like Iran does non acknowledge Israel as a province. Israel has non taken any direct action against North Korea. but is closely maintaining path of the United State’s determinations on North Korea because it could greatly impact Israel. Israel is highly threatened by North Korea’s proliferation of arms because North Korea sells these arms to assorted organisations that oppose Israel. We are disquieted that if Iran gets a manus on these atomic arms. that they might assail Israel. Our chief aim is to hold North Korea’s atomic plan and protect the right to support our state.

UN past action on the issue

After North Korea had tested seven missiles over the Sea of Japan. the UN Security Council condemned their trials demanding the they suspend all missile launches. The United Nations Security Council met in October of 2006 and nem con decided to enforce countenances on North Korea these countenances prevented them from selling. having or purchasing any goods from other states. It besides imposed an plus freezing and travel prohibition on the functionaries that had been related to the atomic arms plans in North Korea. After North Korea yet once more attempted to establish another atomic missile in 2012. the UN Security Council condemned them because it violated old U. N. declarations.

Possible Solutions

Israel believes that all states should cut off trade from North Korea. They should remain vigilant in maintaining any points from transporting out of North Korea in the instance that they are atomic arms. This would insulate North Korea even more so that their atomic plan will non distribute to other states such as Iran. This would profit the international community. particularly states in the Middle East.

If North Korea continued seeking to sell their atomic arms to states in the Middle East. onslaughts and a possible war could interrupt out. Another solution would be to subvert the same household that has been in power throughout North Korea’s being. All five veto powers in the UN Security Council have atomic capablenesss. doing us highly powerful. Although we want to avoid a atomic war. since North Korea has atomic arms excessively. the states within the UN should coerce North Korea farther since they hold the upper manus and are more powerful.

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