PR in a nutshell for Soapy Saver

Through the functional use of marketing and management, PR will effectively deal with public issues encountered by a firm across its wide range of constituents. The goals of PR are to effectively communicate with the public. The effective management will allow customer, investors, suppliers, competitors, and other facets of the public sector to have knowledge concerning Soapy-Saver’s products, services, promotions, or employees. Public problems, or for that matter, any problems which may arise concerning the companies image will be handled promptly and creatively. Each case that arises will be handled on an individual basis.

How will we achieve effective communication? On each package there will be an 800 number and a URL to our firms website, regarding questions comments or concerns that different customers may feel the need to express.

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We will also make available information data bases of revenue reports, budget reports, goal statements, and predictions for the long-term and short-term future of the company. These reports will be made available upon request to save us printing and shipping costs. The prospective investor will also only receive the information he or she wants. This works synergistically with the company’s main purpose, to save time and effort where it is possible.

Current stockholders will have access to company databases that relate to payroll, inventory, geographic distribution of Soapy Saver, and upcoming promotional ideas. They will also have the ability to communicate with other stockholders from a bulletin board system and email. We hope to have a chatroom by the end of the year, along with a weekly newsletter.

How are we going to get our companies name out there in the market place, to let people know that we can save them time in the shower and leave them feeling cool and refreshed with our product? Through the use of our publicity tools: Media choices, Press releases, Special events, Promotional events, and Endorsements/Sponsors from organizations, both endorsements we currently have, and endorsements we would like to have. We will also discuss why we will not be using a celebrity endorsement with this product as it relates to the company’s image.

Internet – website about the company, current stock price, ability to make suggestions, enter to win a Soapy Saver, or answer surveys. When a person leaves information on the website, we ask them to fill out a form giving us their name address etc. This leaves us with a database of customers and information to analyze.

Television – This allows us to reach the most customers, because TV is the most popular medium today. It involves the most amount of viewers seeing and hearing the brand, with advertisements showing both our product and company special events, Soapy Saver is sure to emerge as a household favorite

Direct Mail – Mail perspective consumers coupons to induce a purchase, as well as to increase our target audience’s awareness and knowledge of our product.

Print – advertisements in public rest rooms, busses, and magazines with full bright colors to attract attention to our ad, and the use of informative copy to educate the potential consumer.

Soapy Saver did a company wide habitat for humanity project in a run down neighborhood. It was called “Re-cleaning the community with Soapy Saver.” We also sent out a few representatives each weekend along with representatives from Cleanland & Co., another Cleveland Start-up Company, to help with high school, middle school, and elementary school campus clean-ups. These were called, “Help refresh your school with the companies that keep you refreshed each day, Soapy Saver and Cleanland &Co.” These events helped to increase our company’s name in positive light, working with our companies image of helping people feel good about the way they look and feel towards there appearance, and saving them time and resources.

Because our first event with Cleanland & Co. went so well we are planning another event in late August for a back to school promotion. This event will be called, “Clean mind clean body week.” This will include assemblies in schools with experts to speak to students over issues relevant to each age group. In elementary schools the assemblies will speak over importance of hygiene, mental wellness etc. High schools will have assemblies on STDs, no drinking and driving, and other issues that pertain to this age group. The student will also be given pencils, pens erasers, book covers, and other school supplies displaying both companies’ logos. The week will culminate in a health fair on Saturday in Cleveland Park with speakers and entertainment along with fun activities for kids to participate in.

The purpose of this memorandum is to inform you that we are a new company distributing a product that deals with personal hygiene, we want you to test it out for us. We at Soapy Saver are here to announce that we are entering the market of personal hygiene with a revolutionary new product. This product will replace those mesh-like puffed balls that people wash with and leave you feeling more refreshed. It will also save you money and time when a person uses traditional bar soap.

The soapy saver is a terry cloth like pocket that with one side that can be re-sealed. It produces a nice lather to save time in the morning when someone has hit the snooze bar too many times. Because it is in a pocket, you won’ have to deal with those annoying little soap slivers towards the end of the bar. You wont have to deal with trying to hold onto the soap either, which will result in more wasted time, the Soapy saver comes with different sized straps to ether fit on your hand, wear around your neck, or hang on the shower neck. The refreshing lather leaves a person feeling clean and ready to take on whatever may be out there to take on.

What we want you to do is to test our product for us. We are more than confident that people will agree, but we have seen how your consumer reports always seem objective and fair. Therefor, for the people we are asking you to review or product. The morning (8am-12pm) after the KVUE Soapy-Saver report, we had people in 20 grocery stores, handing out scratch and win coupons for our product. The coupons ranged from 10%-50% off for the soapy saver, and there were three coupons at each store for a free Soapy Saver. The catch was that the coupons were void if the ticket had been scratched prior to reaching the cash register.

PR wanted to see if there was any correlation between the number of coupons actually handed out (X), and the number of Soapy Savers (Y) in this time period. Please see the next page for the data that corresponds with this inquiry. The slope of this line was .9008 which indicates a strong correlation between the amount of coupons handed out and the numbers purchased. This indicates we will use more promotions

The Arboretum Renaissance Hotel, Mission Supply, and David Bergner currently sponsor us. These people and organizations are currently sponsoring us with supplies and advice on production of our TV commercials. We would like to become a product that is recognized by Good House keeping, and earn their seal of approval which would proudly be displayed on all Soapy Saver packaging. We would also like to receive a CLIO award for advertisements we produce.

We chose not to have the use of a celebrity in any of our commercials because we feel that it would contrast the image we are trying to display. The Soapy-Saver is a company that is for the common man. Therefor we use average looking people in our ads. This makes the ad easier to identify with for the perspective consumers.

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