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Preserve the Forests



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    In agreement with Kim Stafford, who opposes the clear-cutting of oldgrowth forests, I feel that it is necessary to preserve the profitable lumber inits natural state for future generations. Currently, the tons of lumberproduced from the Pacific Northwest region of the United States are taken forgranted, and most people do not realize that the forests will be destroyedwithin ten years at this rate of exploiting our natural resources. We must makeloggers a profession of the past and divert those current ones into anothersector in our society. The spotted owl is more than a *Darwinistic* survival ofthe fittest issue; it represents the direction of our only planet.

    In order to preserve the beauty of this planet, we must cease the clear-cutting of forests. All old growth forests have been around for multiplecenturies and are cut down daily in a matter of hours in order to produce morebuildings and houses in this already over-crowded world. If the rate at whichwe cut down trees is continued without any regulation, the forests will all begone in ten years, so we should do mankind a favor and try to preserve what isleft. If the old growth forests are gone, then they can never return because ittakes over five generations to produce one and at the rate that the humanpopulation is increasing, there is not enough land to have a secure place for anew forest.

    If we realize that it is best for the human race to stop destroying thenatural resources, then we must destroy, too, the existence of loggers alltogether. To do so, there must not be any new loggers, so all trainingpotential loggers must be stopped. The current loggers must be diverted toanother occupation. Perhaps if the public supported the notion of stoppingclear-cutting, the government would be able to provide services to educate theloggers in a different field. Also, with public support, many companies willprobably offer several programs for former loggers. No matter what we choosetoday, the loggers have seen their last Haley*s comet; they will all be gonewith forests in ten years.

    When we stop the development and decrease the number of loggers, we willhelp save the spotted owl, a species that has greater importance than a mereanimal towards the our species. It is a symbol of the general health of MotherEarth, a figure without which no living object can survive. If the cutting offorests at this rate remains constant, the spotted owls will disappear withinthe ten years along with the our forests.

    In order to regulate the logging industry to keep our trees intact,there must be public support for the idea. With that, the government would mostlikely be willing to provide educational services for the loggers who need toget new jobs. Sooner of later, this sacrifice of loggers will occur, and thelatest will be in ten years. The spotted owl represents a major part of ournatural resources. At this rate, that major part will disappear along with thespotted owl in a mere decade. Category: Business

    Preserve the Forests. (2018, Nov 17). Retrieved from

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