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The American Revolution was fought to alter oppressive revenue enhancement and Legislation by the English authorities in order to reinstate the societal political, and economic construction of the settlements before the English subjugation. The settlers were really content with their lives until the execution of heavy revenue enhancement and oppressive steps by the English authorities every bit good as many English companies, such as the East India Company. After the wars, America gained its independency, but based it & # 8217 ; s authorities around the public assistance of the people, utilizing John Locke & # 8217 ; s theory of authorities functioning the people, alternatively of the people functioning authorities.

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Before the heavy revenue enhancement and the despotic English Torahs, the Americans had a responsible representative authorities of their ain. The most outstanding work forces in a county or borough would run for election to stand for that country. However, the system was non perfect in that freshly established counties and boroughs were non allowed representatives, when so called & # 8220 ; ghost-towns & # 8221 ; with merely a few occupants were. This job was solved by the theory of practical representation, in which every representative would be a & # 8220 ; practical & # 8221 ; representative for all of the English topics. Its Economic system was making good, based chiefly on agribusiness and abroad trade. It supported the growing of big metropoliss such as Boston and New York, but besides increased the rate of poorness in these countries by doing the occupations of many city-dwellers dependant on good abroad markets. Its Social construction was unlike England & # 8217 ; s in that it was non based to a great extent on societal ranks. Having fancy rubrics did non intend much in American society because it didn & # 8217 ; t afford you any particular rights, unlike England & # 8217 ; s Lords, which were allowed familial governmental power in the House of Lords.

As England began seeking to pull out reparation financess from America after the Gallic and Indian war, it made many errors that would finally take to the American Revolution. The first thing they did was to instate revenue enhancements on adult male common things such as Sugar, with the Sugar Tax Act, and lead, pigment, paper, glass, and tea with the Townshend Act. This would be within ground, but the English put forth the Currency Act, which demanded that the revenue enhancements be paid in coinage, which was fundamentally gilded or Ag. This was a job because the settlers now used decree, or paper money to merchandise within their ain settlements. England besides took off some of the settlers rights with the Quartering Act in 1765, which forced colonial fam

ilies to take in and board English soldiers in their ain places. England besides established the Writs of Assistance, which allowed English military personnels to seek anyplace for anything with a cover warrant. Anyone found with illegal goods was to be tried in an English admiralty tribunal by a royal justice, with no jury. In 1774, the English authorities passed The Quebec Act, besides known as the Intolerable Acts, which closed the port of Boston, imposed a British Governor elected by the Crown in Massachusetts, and gave the Gallic land grants in the West. As the English became harsher towards the settlements, the settlements felt the demand to protect themselves. They set up the First Continental Congress in Pennsylvania with the end of acquiring Parliament to return to its old, relaxed signifier of authorities utilizing any method necessary short of war. England did non give to their petitions.

After the first conflicts at Lexington and Concord, and Bunker Hill, the Second Continental Congress issued a Declaration of their cause to take up weaponries. In it, they informed the authorities of their unfair patterns, and told of how they planned to throw down their arms if England & # 8220 ; acknowledged their rights & # 8221 ; . In response to the declaration, Parliament sent 25,000 more English military personnels to America, and turned the Revolutionary war into a war of independency.

After the war, America was eventually an independent state, and it was clip to form its authorities. It had an experimental period, in which it developed many of its current national rules. The new authoritiess followed the signifier of the old 1s, representative authoritiess, but many new things were added. Bodies were needed to regulate the whole state. The Continental Congress served such a intent. In it, each province was represented. The provinces besides kept church and province separate, and emphatic school, although there was a motion to do the stuff taught more practical. Tom the mean American, the authorities stayed about as it was prior to the revolution.

Webster & # 8217 ; s Revised Unabridged Dictionary defines revolution as & # 8220 ; The

overthrow or repudiation of one authorities, and the permutation of another, by the governed & # 8221 ; England corrupted the American authorities by over taxing it, and puting Royal functionaries into elective places, among other things. The Americans renounced this corrupt authorities, and they revolted and substituted a authorities based around the 1 they had before the English corrupted it. They changed a corrupt authorities in order to continue a good one.

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