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Priority Student Loans

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Priority Student Loan Management Team
MGT 460
Grady Stone

PSL Management Team
I have been working at Priority Student Loans, PSL for short, for little over 10 months. The company is a start up company and was started in May of 2006. With the company being so young we, the management team, have risen through the ranks of the company and now make up the group. People have come and people have gone, as of right now we, myself included, make up a group of four that manage the PSL site in San Diego, California.

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Priority Student Loans
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I am going to analyze the different dimensions of group participation and how they apply to my group’s effectiveness.
The Crew
The team consists of four managers which include Eric, Stephanie, Malia, and I. To start off Eric started the same time that I started and was hired in as a manager. He has a lot of managerial experience and is very knowledgeable in the banking industry.

He his real laid back and can get along with anyone. Stephanie, on the other hand started out as an entry level sales representative and has grown into her role on the management team. She started with us originally as a client, but after the way the sales representative treated her she wanted to work for us. She lived in the city, we were hiring, and the rest is history. Stephanie is a joy to work with and is very easy to get along with. She is very knowledgeable and gives insight on how to improve things on the sales floor because she knows how it is like to be on the phone. It gives her credibility with the sales representatives because she was in their shoes. Malia, is a different story, she was hired on as a marketing assistant but the department was moved to another location. She has proven to be an asset to the company and was offered the associate sales manager position so she could stay in the San Diego area. She is very kind and easy to get along with as well. However, the thing that sets her apart from the others is that she tells it how it is.

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