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Products and Services John Lewis

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Briefly, what are the products and/or services, as well as its geographic scope, of your chosen organisation? 10% effort / attention 2. Using appropriate models and theory, conduct a critical external AND a critical internal analysis of your chosen organisation. You must use a good number of academic journals and a smaller number of textbooks (and other material) to substantiate and justify your discussion. John Lewis partnership The essay will start with a brief description of the products, services and geographic scope of John Lewis,and then follow with looking at the internal and external environment of the company.

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Products and Services John Lewis
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To analyse the internal environment this essay will look at how John Lewis uses its strategic capabilities and resources to create competitive advantage, this essay will also look at core competencies and competencies with regard to the competition. Next the essay will look at how the HR policy and culture at John Lewis creates competitive advantage. The second part of the essay will look at the external environment on a macro and micro economic level.

First the essay will look at the how the PESTLE model (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental) (Lynch 2003) can create opportunities and threats in the macro-environment. Next the essay will look at Porter’s 5 forces (1980) in relation to opportunities and threats then finally explore Porter’s generic strategy (1985) and the value chain (Porter 1980). The essay will conclude looking at the SWOT model to summarise the internal and external aspects of the discussion.

Products, Services and geographic Scope The John Lewis partnership was founded by John Spaden Lewis in 1928 with an idea that the business should not serve the owners with profit at the expense of the employee, but a positive relationship between the two should enhance the business, adding value and resulting in shared benefits. The John Lewis Partnership owns the Waitrose supermarket chain and the John Lewis department store. The ‘full line’ John Lewis department stores currently stock more than 350,000 product lines including; fashion, furnishings, and household goods of all kinds with some stores offering a Waitrose food court as well.

John Lewis also has 9 smaller home stores that focus on the home, electrical and home technology assortment. John Lewis also offer insurance and broadband (John Lewis Partnership 2012). John Lewis acquired Waitrose in 1937 when it was a chain of 10 specialty food stores. Waitrose currently has 286 shops, located mainly in the south of England, andhas 18000 product lines. Waitrose has also opened a cookery school in London, and are also expanding in to Welcome Break motorway service areas and have started to trial ‘food for now’ and ‘food for later’ at Boots.

Waitrose combine the convenience of a supermarket with the knowledge and service of a specialty shop. Both shops have online stores and both stores have similar values when it comes to service, quality and cost. The service is world class this is what adds value and creates competitive advantage (John Lewis Partnership 2012). The quality is renowned for being very high and both stores are good value, as the John Lewis motto suggests ‘Never knowingly undersold

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