The Workings Of The John Lewis Partnership Commerce Analysis

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The intent of this study is to look at the John Lewis partnership as a whole and utilizing factors such as a SWAT analysis effort to recognize what the concern does good and where the menaces may deduce from. An analysis of Porters Strategic tantrum will besides assist to take to both recommendations and decisions upon what the concern does good and on what it needs to make better or spread out into in order to go more successful.

PESTEL Analysis and Porters Five Forces

Both the PESTEL Analysis and the sum-up of Porters Five Forces can be found in the Appendix.

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SWOT Analysis


The first strength of John Lewis is that it is built upon its repute for high quality goods backed up by an first-class client service. Since the 1920 ‘s the company has been renowned for its relaxed shopping ambiance for the somewhat higher demographic consumer. The concern itself is a partnership significance that everybody has an equal portion of the company net incomes. Furthermore this means that there are no big stockholders doing corporate determinations without some degree of audience, bring forthing a more thought out class of action. Once an person is employed under the John Lewis name they receive a voice in the running of the company, can propose thoughts for future development and take their partnership income at the terminal of each fiscal twelvemonth.

This thought now expands onto John Lewis economical impact with John Lewis doing legion big charitable contributions each month, funding undertakings from a local degree right through to seeking to work out poorness in Africa. Giving the consumer the perceptual experience of a concern that John Lewis is an ethical concern, this company image can be extremely of import to the concern in the hereafter. The concern besides goes out of its manner to cut down its environmental impact, by utilizing two degree lorries in order to transport twice every bit much in a individual journey. John Lewis has besides started to do usage of E-Business, which cuts down costs dramatically as there is no demand for a section shop as all merchandises come from the warehouse, every bit good as cut downing degrees of staff therefore enlargement into this country may turn out an option in the hereafter.

3.2 Failings

One possible failing John Lewis now faces is due to its pick of cutting costs in its section shops and Introducing a “ rudimentss ” line into its Waitrose arm of the concern. Consumers remain loyal to John Lewis because of their “ ne’er wittingly undersold ” policy, that being although their monetary values may be higher than rivals, they can supply the better quality service. By presenting budget lines nevertheless, this consumer Loyalty is being put to the trial as John Lewis loose the one thing that sets them out from the remainder of the market, merchandise distinction.

Furthermore, the other cardinal failing is besides one of its strengths and that is the administration construction of a partnership, because everybody is entitled to their say, determinations within the concern are frequently slow and as such cardinal spreads in the market may be missed due to miss of obvious leading.

3.3 Opportunities

John Lewis is now in a place to determine its goods at a much cheaper monetary value as providers are despairing to sell due to the recognition crunch but merely a limited figure of companies wish to buy. The company could utilize this to its advantage by buying the goods now, keeping them in storage and so sell them at a higher monetary value when the market picks up. Government statute law besides opened up chances for John Lewis by offering a VAT interruption of 2.5 % , hence consumers thought they were acquiring a better trade while John Lewis managed to keep and increase their net incomes.

John Lewis besides has big chances for enlargement into other markets, for illustration personal finance. The John Lewis recognition card is all ready turn outing popular with its clients, and offering a 19.9 % return to the company in charges on those who do n’t pay their measures at the terminal of the month. Just like companies such as Tesco and Asda though, the concern could look at factors such as insurance for illustration, all of which could be sold under the John Lewis name be it a subdivision of the company ( such as Waitrose ) or even sold in shop as an attention deficit disorder on to certain merchandises ( for illustration clients purchasing new telecastings may be interested in place content screen. )

Furthermore, John Lewis could spread out farther with its budget nutrient points peculiarly within its Ocardo and Waitrose shops. However this goes against every value that makes John Lewis what it is today and as such consumers may non be so affectionate of the move nevertheless the basic scope brought out in Waitrose called their “ indispensable scope ” have sold over ?100 million of merchandises since there let go of bespeaking a altering market for John Lewis demoing a really moneymaking chance for John Lewis.

John Lewis online could besides be a possible move, as mentioned holding an on-line shop would be well less while at the same clip giving the consumer the opportunity to shop from anyplace at anytime they wish. Furthermore price reductions could be offered as there are many less operating expenses involved in the running of the shop.

3.4 Menaces.

The biggest menace to John Lewis comes from within the concern itself, its ain construction. That being a partnership construction, hence everybody is a portion holder. Therefore in theory if adequate stockholders got together to oppose the pull offing organic structure of the company and the concern is left without any clear leader. It besides leaves the company unfastened to possible a coup d’etat command as if sufficiency of the stockholders agree to sell their portions, so the company ‘s current commanding stockholder will lose their power and become minority stockholders. Numerous rivals besides play a cardinal menace in the running of John Lewis, as many offer precisely the same merchandises and services. Therefore the lone value added John Lewis can add is their client service, nevertheless this is something that can easy be replicated and as such many rivals may get down offering a John Lewis service but at a more competitory monetary value.

The economic system as a whole besides presents a menace, to all companies in general but more so to John Lewis as their higher quality goods carry a higher monetary value tickets intending a lower monetary value indicates lower net incomes.

Changing exchange rates can besides supply menaces to John Lewis as monetary values for the goods imported can change dramatically depending upon when they were bought. Obviously the in shop monetary value ca n’t change at this rate nevertheless and as such net income borders may be larger at some times than others, in theory it could be possible that some merchandises even end up being sold at a loss due to hapless exchange rates. ( A annually mean dislocation of the lb to euro exchange rate can be found in the appendix. )

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