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    To obtain a position in consulting that will leverage my SAP and business skills for the benefit of the company and its clients

    Professional summary


    Boston University

    Boston, MA, USA

    MS, Financial-Economics

    Graduation Date: 2004

    Punjab University

    Lahore Pakistan

    B.Sc., Space Science



    NASD, Series 7, 66, 63, 31 and Life and Health Insurance Licenses



    Kemira Chemicals                                                                                     Jan 2008 to Present

    Kemira Chemicals is a global chemicals company based in Helsinki, Finland. It operates in four business areas: Pulp and paper chemicals, water treatment chemicals, performance chemicals and paints &coatings. KemOne Project is a part of an overall business transformation to install SAP as their global ERP system in wave fashion. The North America Water treatment business is in the last wave. Kemira North America has approximately 15 producing facilities, a headquarters and numerous warehouses, terminals and tolling operations.

    North America Roll-out: Functional Expert and FI-CO lead

    Ø  Leading the client FI-CO team and help develop a strategic plan for SAP implementation and execute plan

    Ø  Configuring GL transactions for processes such as posting, parking, reversals, accounts re-grouping and month end closings, multi-currency revaluation and translation

    Ø  Configuring FI-New GL – created G/L master data, cross-company transactions, Intra-Company Transactions, field status variants, fiscal year variants, document types, posting keys, number ranges, account groups, FSV and open items clearing

    Ø  Configuring customer account groups, vendor account groups, one-time customers/vendors, tolerance groups, automatic payment programs in AR & AP; Configured dunning programs in FI

    Ø  Creating house banks, bank keys and defined payment terms, discount terms and settings for reconciliation of bank accounts

    Ø  Defining Distribution, and Assessment cycles in Overhead Cost Controlling (CO-OM)

    Ø  Configuring Cost Centers (CO-OM-CCA), Internal Orders (CO-OM-IO), Profit Centers (EC-PCA), Profitability Segments (CO-PA), and performing automatic account assignments to address accounting requirements of the client

    Ø  Defining profit center hierarchies, cost center hierarchies, primary & secondary cost elements and planning versions to take into account initial budgeting and subsequent changes

    L’Oreal USA:                                                                                                             Jun 2007 to Jan 2008

    This company is a North America roll-out of global SAP implementation. The project was based in New Jersey, driven by L’Oreal USA and with the support of L’Oreal Competency Development Center in Paris and its local consultant. The roll-out approach was based on the proven L’Oreal R/3 methodology that is especially adapted to L’Oreal context. The following modules were implemented: FI, CO, SD, WM, MM & BW in SAP R/3 4.7, with strict accordance from the Core System which integrates the main features of L’Oreal.

    North America Roll-out: FI-CO Lead

    Ø  Participated in the North America including Canada and Mexico roll-out project

    Ø  Performed as a central Key contact for North America, supporting the success of go-live for American Plants for the Controlling modules

    Ø  Configured CO-PA, the main reporting tool for this complex solution.   CO-PA configuration included building the operating concern, developing value fields & characteristics, configuring summarization levels for reporting and performing assessments.

    Ø  Maintained charge of cost center assessments to segments, CO-PA reporting, forms, planning, derivation rules and structures, product hierarchy, PA settlement, realignments and addressed integration issues with other applications.

    Ø  Managed master data for cost controlling

    Ø  Maintained absorbing unit in Packaging master Recipes and created/managed primary and secondary cost elements

    Ø  Created and managed cost centers, profit centers, profit center groups and internal orders

    Ø  Created and managed cost collectors and cost object hierarchy; created and managed activity types’ analyzed cost and created settlement rules

    Ø  Played a key role in formulating and implementing integration tests, master data consistency checks, simulations tests, end user training and day to day support for the live plant.

    Wolseley International:                                                                                         Jan 2007 to Sept 2007

    Wolseley is the world’s leading retail and trade wholesaler of heating and plumbing products. Headquartered in Theale, UK, it currently operates in 14 countries across Europe and North America through nearly 4,500 branches serving both the trade and general public.

    Large scale global SAP implementation project: Sub-lead for FI

    Ø  Responsible for the global template design and North America roll-out

    Ø  Preparation of FI-G/L configuration rational; FI- Master data configuration; controlling master data.

    Ø  Performed RICEF design documentation

    Ø  Performed new G/L activation, document splitting, charting of account settings,

    Ø  Facilitated FI and CO business design workshops and prototyped business requirements

    Ø  Configured GL, CCA, PCA, and PA

    Ø  Developed program specifications and painter reports

    Ø  Configured the new General Ledger

    Ø  Performed real time Segmental reporting implemented through the activation of document splitting

    Ø  Configured parallel ledgers to fulfill parallel accounting needs for US GAAP and Local GAAP requirements

    Ø  Performed configuration of Inter-company functionality

    Ø  Configured additional currencies for non-leading ledgers

    Ø  Defined company codes, chart of account, controlling area and posting period variant

    Ø  Performed profit Center accounting and cost center accounting configuration

    Oneida Ltd., Syracuse, NY                                                                    January 2006 to December 2006

    Oneida Ltd. is one of the world’s largest marketers of stainless steel flatware, and offers a complete range of tabletop products. Its operations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Australia market stainless, silver-plated, and sterling flatware products, china dinnerware, crystal and glassware items. The company, established in the mid-nineteenth century, has had a strong reputation for quality since that time.

    Project: IBM Express Solution for SAP Pre-Configured Box

    SAP Pre-Configured solutions are customized using industry-standard business processes to help improve service levels and streamline operations. Actions range from order and inventory management to transportation. This IBM Express software delivery approach covers core business processes using a streamlined methodology to produce demonstrable business results at an affordable price point.

    FI-CO Lead

    Participated in planning meeting with all level of client executives

    Built a global template to cover 85% of customer core business

    Implemented SAP Best Practice for wholesale distribution

    Integrated systems associated with SD, MM, Accounts Payable, Account Receivables, Fixed Assets, General Ledger and Controlling.

    Configured Tax, Accruals, Fast Close, New General Ledger and Analytics application

    Worked with a team of Industry SME’s to derive the value drivers for the organization

    Simplified the Business Process and Established Global Standard to reduced total Cost of Ownership

    Documented business requirements to enable the use of parallel accounting with multiple valuations, particularly with Fixed Assets for local and statutory reporting

    Formulated the requirements for setting up a leading and local ledgers for GAAP and statutory requirements for VAT and Foreign Trade Regulations

    Lincoln Financial:                                                                                           Jun 2004 to Dec 2005

    Lincoln Investment Planning, Inc. (Lincoln Investment) is a full-service broker/dealer that provides quality investment and retirement products and services to individuals and employers.

    SAP/ FI-CO Upgrade Project: FI-CO Consultant

    (Responsibilities included the configuration, testing and validation  of GL accounts, Account determination, Field Status Groups, Account Groups, Document types, Customer and Document number ranges, Terms of payment, Clearing functions – Posting Keys, Reason Codes, Automatic clearing, Account assignment, and Tolerance groups , Bank, Interest calculation, Statements, Dunning, and Credit Management functionality)

    Ø  Responsible for fit gap analysis, business re-engineering, testing and the drafting of a new configuration to fit gap between SAP 4.5 to SAP 4.7 version; this has included SAP G/L AR, AP, AA and CO modules

    Ø  Extensively utilized Hyperion Financial Management on an enterprise-scale including multidimensional analysis, graphical applications such as line charts, scatter chart analysis for stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

    Ø  Responsible for configuring and implementing changes of SAP Controlling CO

    Ø  Prepared annual forecast and budget by use of CO-PA Profitability Analysis

    Ø  Worked with Modules CO-CCA Cost Center Accounting and CO-OM Overhead Cost Control daily in the performance analytical duties

    Ø  Prepared test scenarios for all new functionality and reviewed test environment with all project stakeholders; achieved the high level design and specific project deliverables that led to completion of all project objectives as required by Lincoln Financial finance and operational management groups

    Select Comfort Corporation:                                                                              Mar 2000 to Sept 2003

    Select Comfort is a major manufacturer of customer mattresses with over 2,200 employees, 3 Manufacturing Divisions, 92 retail stores nationwide, including Canada, Scandinavia and Sweden.

    Project: SAP 4.6c project with full lifecycle implementation of FI, CO, MM. SD and PP modules.

    Integration Lead

    Ø  Monitored SAP implementation project to ensure the design complied with business requirements.

    Ø  Handled all inter-team issues with regard to the integration of SAP FI, CO, SD and MM.

    Ø  Developed functional specification and design of interfaces

    Ø  Guided functional team in the design of custom interfaces to Vertex and Banks

    Ø  Guided process team in the development of “to-be” process designs encompassing industry and generally accepted best practices; also guided team in incorporating the requirements of the future FI-CO system.

    Ø  Developed and modeled solutions in SAP to demonstrate possible solutions to design problems.

    Ø  Delivered an SAP FI-CO demonstration to aid design

    Ø  Developed a system evaluation and design document comparing legacy and SAP functionality and recommending different integration scenarios

    Ø  Developed a retail industry tool to estimate time/resource requirements for an SAP FI-CO implementation

    Ø  Resolved a number of issues with GR/IR Clearing Accounts

    Ø  Designed a system in which unmatched GR/IR items meeting definition and tolerance standards are now cleared immediately by finance and MM personnel and in which reports are produced daily for finance and plant divisions

    Ø  Maintained responsibility for the implementation of processes that support gap analysis, business re-engineering, testing, new configuration and Sarbanes – Oxley compliance requirements

    Ø  Ensured that project deliverables were completed, including Sarbanes Oxley compliance, clean up of all unmatched, outstanding items, implementation of new processes

    Ø  Managed the development of process scripts to complete knowledge transfer to designated client support personnel

    Honda Atlas:                                                                                                                      Jan 1998 to Oct 1999

    Honda Atlas is a subsidiary of Honda Corporation.

    FI-CO Consultant

    Ø  Ensured adherence to technical designs specifications by the consultants, design standard hierarchy & roll-ups

    Ø  Configured, and tested GL, A/P, A/R, F/A, PCA, CCA, BA, Multi Currency Cross Company Code Transactions; configured cost plus allocation using costing sheets and distributions using the Cycles.

    Ø  Designed and configured CCA, IO, PA and PCA

    Ø  Configured the month-end allocation cycles in CO

    Ø  Validated and formatted incoming data files to upload data to cost/profit center hierarchies

    Ø  Maintained cost center hierarchy and substitution rules to assign cost centers automatically to G/L accounts according to requirements

    Ø  Defined distribution and assessment cycles for monthly allocations of various costs

    Ø  Configured controlling area and assigned company codes to it

    Ø  Maintained number ranges and CO versions

    Ø  Configured characteristics derivation in CO-PA

    Ø  Designed CO-PA to capture booked revenues (sales contracts), billed revenues (billings) and recognized revenues (revenue recognition)

    Ø  Conducted extensive user training for super users

    Ø  Acted as SAP Liaison to Client’s SAP Team, performing the following functions

    Ø  Developed supply chart of account data, setup and maintained workflow process, notified our partners of configuration and business process changes experienced with the implementation of SAP industry-specific solution


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