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What are the attributes of an executive protection professional?

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What are the attributes of an executive protection professional?

Discretion, professionalism and sound judgment are the attributes of an executive protection professional.

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What are the attributes of an executive protection professional?
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It is necessary for the executive protection professionals to maintain discretion at every stage be it from high threat to low threat scenarios or within reputable infrastructures to unsteady arenas. They should have a good common sense and well mannered etiquettes simultaneously being unobtrusive.

Professionalism requires that the personnel be able to blend in any kind of situation be it business or social.

They tend to combine the executive protection with other skills such as computer technology skills, management of business or methods to expand the business etc. They are expected to provide security and protection to the clients and privacy at the same time.

The quality of sound judgment is the capability to access the situation shrewdly in order to reach sound results. It is very necessary to have good knowledge about a particular situation on which the conclusion of the entire problem would be based.

What would constitute an effective screening, hiring and training program for protection professionals?
Before hiring an employee, the process of screening is carried out. During this process, it should be determined that there are no omissions or overstatements in the candidate’s resume. Previous working experience should be considered accenting any flaw.

            After screening is done the candidate is evaluated on the basis of hiring. Firstly the candidate should be verified for the applications presented by him. They should be interviewed twice by individual who is skilled in it. It should be checked that the candidate is clear of any previous criminal charges. The cases should be examined carefully in order to provide justice.

            In training, the employees are made familiar with the work environment introducing them to the technologies and the norms that need to be followed. The technical methods to protect the clients are taught. Prevention or protection of unauthorized facilities should be determined.

What techniques are best used to gather intelligence?
While gathering intelligence it should be kept in mind that the techniques are not intrusive. There are a number of methods to gather intelligence. These include secret agents, spy satellites, detectives etc. Secret agents may be case officers having diplomatic status. They make use of effective methods like questioning the concerned personnel, gathering information about their past making use of articles or previous documents. Code flouting, satellite or aircraft photography and investigation in open publications are some of the effective methods of information gathering. Eavesdropping is also considered as an effective way of gathering intelligence. It is obtrusive. Phone tapping is a very popular method but it can be done only under the issuance of warrants.

When does surveillance become a privacy issue?
Privacy issue was not observed in the previous days but now when the world is more globalized, everybody need privacy be it a normal citizen or an official. Phone tapping, security cameras, eaves dropping, electronic tapping, covert listening devices, GPS tracking etc are some of the techniques used to conduct surveillance. During the process of surveillance, if any data or information is lost or stolen, it may be very catastrophic for an individual.

            There are many reasons an individual might object towards surveillance. He might want to keep his privacy and not reveal his identity to the public. They might not want to have a check on themselves and have the freedom of expression without any hesitation. Surveillance becomes a privacy issue when individuals feel lack of privacy and have difficulty in moving around without having their personal live s exposed.


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