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Through my experience in being in a classroom I learned that there is a new methodology approach to STEM. Therefore, my first professional development will be to incorporate science, technology, engineering and mathematics into my every day lesson plans. Science is a subject that not a lot of primary grade levels have the opportunity to learn due to time constrains. However, I think it is a very important topic because it is the foundation of STEM. The first approach I would take it will be to remain informed about the importance STEM learning in Early Childhood Education. According to the article “Sowing the Seeds for Successful STEM Learning in Early Childhood” by Elizabeth McGuire; STEM is essential in Early Childhood Education because it promotes children with problem solving, creativity and analytical thinking.

Therefore, researchers believe it is never too late to introduce STEM learning. It is also very important to integrate trips to the aquariums and museums into the lessons plans. As a teacher, I would seek for events around the area to attend and make it families aware of how important STEM is. I have also learned through my experience, that schools want to increase learning results for girls in science, technology, engineering and math. Therefore, the second approach will be encouraging teamwork and providing opportunities for students to learn through project-based learning using design thinking that will engage girls and improve learning outcomes. This would empower the girls to learn and study through STEM learning. The article “Engage girls in STEM by starting early” by Lisa Abel-Palmieri states that engaging girls in STEM at an early age is essential because it closes the gender division that has always existed. It also talks about the different ways to engage girls. Such as; Modular Robotics, BirdBrain Technologies and Vernier Probeware.

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To help me learn and have more experience, the principal I worked with during my internship is allowing me to come and volunteer during the summer, I will be volunteering as a teacher’s aide for their STEM class. I am look forward to learning and taking in information that I can later conduct in to my own classroom. Classroom management is a very important tool when you are teaching, without that child development suffers. My second professional development will be to become an expert on communicating my lesson plans with the right body language and being assertive with my voice. During my student teaching, I was criticized as nervous and it may be understood as me not enjoying teaching. Observations occur during your entire teaching career, so in the future when I am being observed I want to be seen as being a professional at teaching. Allowing for the children and I to bounce off of each other.

The first approach I will take is reading The Use of Body Language, get as much information and apply it into the classroom. My second approach will be to continuously check the New Jersey Department of Education website for certain webinars or workshops on classroom management, therefore I can attend and will help me with my teaching in the future.

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