Project Management Practices

The project management team decided to align outpatient and inpatient care in a single building, whereas these functions are typically housed separately. Veronique Prior, project manager, and the Numerous team established special programs for the family to help with the adjustment period once patients are able to return home. The design team built a fully functional “preview center,” a mock-up of the patient room, and once a week the council provided feedback on ACH design element as it progressed.

The project team also relied on rigorous change management processes to handle the viewpoints of the over 700 physicians and other employees hired in the final months of the project. Since this was a place for children, a family advisory council combined input from families that had been visiting a Numerous Foundation multiplicity physician practice in central Florida and had the experience of being with their children in a hospital setting, giving it the feel that it needed to keep children comfortable. (Metazoans, S. 2013)

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The hospital’s full range of stakeholders was consulted including practitioners, administrators, and a family advisory committee of parents and children, culminating in the project’s architectural solutions. To welcome and invite family involvement, the hospital implemented a 24-hour visiting policy. This led to strategies such as patient rooms with overnight accommodations for two parents, laundry facilities, and a concierge desk in the elevator lobby of each patient floor. Ample lounges and playrooms overlook and give access to extensive outdoor spaces designed for respite and recreation. Stableman, 2013) Role, Management Settings, and Obstacles The team had created its original $32 million equipment list back in 2008.

Two years later, when the team was ready to order the 9,000 plus items from the list, the changing nature of medical technology meant some of the desired pieces no longer fit into the spaces they were designed for. The management team held an equipment summit, and Project leaders called together stakeholders from across the team, from the construction manager to purchasing experts, each and every stakeholder weighed in.

The materials management department knew hat items they could get from vendors below list price and the construction team showed them where we could modify interior walls and where we could not. From that summit, the project team created a tightly controlled change- control process to vet requested equipment changes. The project team’s change management practices not only stopped equipment needs from breaking the budget ($260 million) but also prevented stakeholder feedback from creating scope creep.

Ms. Susan Volt, PM, senior director, strategy and project management, from Numerous said “We were designing a hospital, creating all he operational processes, starting to procure equipment, procure and install IT systems, go through regulatory processes, designing space and creating space? all without the input of the key physicians and clinicians who would actually be using the space. ” (La Plant, L. , 2013)

Each hire brought knowledge and expertise that could change the scope of critical project components, such as the medical equipment. Their requests might be worthwhile, but it was up to team members to make their individual case. Under the change-control process, they were squired to fill out a document detailing the proposal, the reason for the change and the impact it would have on the project schedule. An oversight committee of subject-matter experts, medical staff members and legal staff all worked together to keep this project on track.

It is worth noting that the upgrades to the Numerous Children’s Hospital Project, Numerous, Orlando, Florida, make the net build worth over $397 million dollars.

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