Principles and Practices of Leadership & Management

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Principles and Practices of Leadership & A ; Management


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This paper will discourse the construct of leading accomplishments and the ways in which those alone accomplishments define the exceeding leaders of today and besides reference to whom had portrayed the leading manner and qualities.

Contemporary Leadership Skills:

“Leadership is one of the most ascertained and least understood phenomena on earth” ( Burns, 1978 ) . The success or failure of an organisation depends mostly on the nature of their leading manner. An effectual leader has the ability to steer and assist his followings to accomplish their personal best and company’s aims.

Leadership manners had changed over clip. In order to efficaciously face issues and obstructions in the of all time changing and disputing market, leaders must possess a set of basic and alone set of accomplishments. The leader of today is an idealised influence, an inspirational motive, with rational stimulation and individualised consideration ( Walumbwaet Al,2005, p.2 ) . Leaderships have to possess the extended cognition of the industry, people and direction accomplishments and cognitive ability ( Locke, 1999 ) . Leadership looks merely like a manner but it’s the qualities and accomplishments that makes a leader effectual. An effectual leader inspire their workers into higher degrees of teamwork ; they are continually working and analyzing to better their leading accomplishments.

A successful narrative of a leader from a local bakeshop imperium shows the qualities and traits of an effectual leader.

A success narrative – BreadTalk

In the modern-day age of Singapore, BreadTalk had flourished to be one of the top F & A ; B Empire locally. The success abaft this organisation leads to its leader and laminitis, George Quek. Came from a low background, George started his concern in Taiwan selling Dragon Beard confect from a booth and expands the concern and subsequently starts a little nutrient concern selling South-east Asiatic culinary art in Taiwan. He returned to Singapore in 1993 and set up Food Junction with his spouses. Commenced BreadTalk in July 2000 with a radical return on the staff of life industry. Entering the market with its incipient construct of a dress shop bakeshop, it shook up the bakeshop industry with its advanced and clever merchandises. Presently the market leader in the incipient construct bakeshop, BreadTalk was listed in June 2003 on the Singapore Exchange, giving clients a interest in the popular bakeshop. His F & A ; B

imperium extends to a eating house concatenation, Din Tai Fung and innovated with the first thematic nutrient atrium, Food Republic ( Tan, 2012. p.3 ) .

George Quek armed with a indomitable attitude and a bravery to dispute the impossible. His finding assisted his concern to take off in Taiwan after the 3rdeffort and his transmutation of bakeshop into an art described his advanced abilities. Today, the appellation “BreadTalk” is good established giving it a sustainable competitory advantage over its challengers. BreadTalk has prosperously managed to breed invention in along deemed sunset bakeshop industry and has written off uncertainties that sunset industries can non be revitalised. BreadTalk has non merely revitalised the bakeshop industry but withal the dietetic victualing wonts of Singaporeans. In order to remain competitory, George Quek uses “innovative recreation” in all its staff of life, aliment tribunals and eating houses, as he is argus-eyed that clients have different demands and of all time transforming gustatory sensations.

George believed in taking attention of people and working good together which besides extends to between co-workers and concern relationships. His impression reflects really smartly on his leading accomplishments portrayed. George believes larning is indispensable for creativeness ; by developing and back uping his employees in giving preparations, it helps him when he embarked on his bakeshop concern. George believes strongly in teamwork. Hence, he encourages in developing and mentoring his people because there is no manner a individual can travel to a successful degree by himself. It is of import for a leader to steer the squad good and understand that everyone in the squad is different.

As a leader, he ever stays flexible and supportive of the squad. From here, people will make up one’s mind whether they want to remain with you when there’s a war. This can be seen clearly during the SARs outbreak where gross revenues are low in all the mercantile establishments and BreadTalk had efficaciously control its operational cost. However, despite this hard period of clip, it had persisted in its beliefs for people centeredness by keeping and preparing more endowments within its company. These steps had allowed the company to remain stronger in the market when confronting challenges in clip to come ( Soh, 2013. p.1 ) .

Bing an inspirational motive, George articulate an appealing vision of the hereafter by denoting his end of holding more than 2000 bakeshops by 2018, animating all to work together with him towards the company’s aims. With the enlargement of “Ramen Play” , George appointed his General Manager of Din Tai Fung to pull off this eating house trade name, authorising him to convey “Ramen Play” to success.

Harmonizing to Lussier and Achua ( 2010 ) , the transmutation procedure involves alterations. Leader demands to animate the vision, lead the passage and implant the alteration. With the work force crunch in recent old ages, leads to a lessening in handiness of resources. George invested more than SGD 8 million on machines that can do dough and fold crescent roll axial rotations in its cardinal kitchen in the new central office. Productivity has increased: while five people could do 100 frozen parts of dough in the past, two could do 300 now. He made his employees understood that policy won’t alteration, they need to set to it and with this alteration, George besides reckons that with fewer staff, BreadTalk have more resources to better employees’ wage.

The success of BreadTalk has extremely been dependent on the custodies of – Transformational Leadership of George Quek. Leaderships should be effectual in crisis or when face an of all time altering market topographic point where globalisation, invention and changeless alteration are important factors. Though told by naysayers that bakery industry is a sundown one, George’s leading manner of transmutation redefine the everyday experience of purchasing staff of life into a successful bakeshop imperium. George possesses the cardinal qualities of a leader – a beginning of inspiration, determined, originative, being resilient and brave in times of troubles.

As we read about George Quek, being a modern-day leader, one must possess certain qualities to go a adept leader. Having the ability to care is an indispensable quality in a leader to boot. If a individual does non hold the compassion or ability to care for others or in what they do so I believe it would be damaging to an organisation to hold this individual as a leader. A good leader must to boot be reliable. Bing reliable would instil assurance in the others you lead about your abilities. If a leader sets the illustration of non being reliable, so the people the leader works with will hold no religion that the organisation is being run in the best manner possible. Resoluteness is another cardinal factor in taking others. It gives a individual the ability to contend through obstructions and accomplish undertakings that are best for the organisation and its employees. Veracity is one feature I cerebrate is the most eventful. Veracity distinguishes between leader with good moralss and distressing moralss. If a individual is destitute of veracity, the way of their leading can blindly take an organisation into a parlous cause and values. Adhesion is withal paramount in a leader because a individual that has no adhesion can harm an organisation more than it can avail. The leader’s docket may be for their ain benefit and non what is best for the organisation. A non-loyal leader could literally merchandise secrets that could financially or publically eliminate a company. Besides George Quek, many advanced leader, in depicting their clever procedure, have accentuated its subjectiveness and individualistic nature. Hence, invention is decidedly the key to remain competitory and withal the kernel of successful entrepreneurship is to hold the changeless thrusts in placing possible concern chances in the market.

Besides holding the good qualities essential to being a leader, one must hold a alone set of accomplishments to pull off an organisation like BreadTalk. With globalisation and alterations in changeless, an effectual leader ought to be able to possess accomplishments of coaching, taking by illustration, give positive acknowledgment and authorization in order to drive the organisation to success.

As a leader of BreadTalk, I must learn, adapt and be supportive particularly to the land degree employees ; bakers which constitutes a big figure of the organization’s work force. Teaching and training subsidiaries by puting the illustration is the manner leaders achieve trueness, and buy-in. Leaderships are knowing and experts in their respectful Fieldss. They can non supply a solid and productive coaching and counsel if they lack the proper degrees of competency in the needed field ( Hughes, Ginnett, & A ; Curphy, 2009 ) . It helps to make a stable working environment where subsidiaries are contented and supply high quality work.

Leaderships need to take by illustration to animate followings ( Yukl, 1998 ) . Bing an inspirational incentive, it basically avails follower’s achieve their set ends employed in the concern puting. In the modern-day age, leaders need to detect the potency within his followings. Empowering allows one to go a self- reliant winner. Rather than being told of what to make, followers will take actions to decide what needs to be done ( Blanchardet Al,1999 ) .

Monetary inducements could besides be used, so that the followings would hold a end to hit for, and would acquire compensated for their clip and attempt they put in to make the ends the organisation wanted to accomplish. In an organisation where Theory X and Theory Y workers exist ( Lussier and Achua, 2010 ) , wagess can besides be used as a footing of ‘carrot and stick’ on Theory X employees ; honoring them on what they had contributed.

In pull offing Theory Y followings where employees are happy to work, are self-motivated and originative, and bask working with greater duty ( Lussier and Achua, 2010 ) ; being a supportive and participative leader would be best adopted. I could confer with with followings, see their sentiments and inquiring for their suggestions before doing a determination. This helps in bettering leader and follower relationship and animate them to be advanced in deciding issues. As human dealingss is of import to the organisation, being a supportive leader shows concern for followings ‘ psychological well being. With the of all time altering society and technological promotions, lower degree employees might miss assurance to catch up with the alteration and being supportive is needed to help them in the passage and adaptation.

The type of communicating between the leader and follower is another of import country of contrast between leading manners. Communication is necessary between leader and follower because it establishes a relationship between the two. It is of import to pass on with mid to junior degree employees to construct trust and addition committedness to the vision of the company. Communication is critical to unite and inspire employees, it is to actuate them toward the hereafter. Walking about to pass on with employees, be it inquiring specific inquiries about work or listening to them is besides a committedness in communicating ( Daft, 2008 ) .

In decision, the function of a leader has the duty to guarantee the work is completed, ends are met and the mission is accomplished. In add-on, they must use critical leading accomplishments to be successful, such as showing acknowledgment, utilizing effectual communicating, and exemplifying honestness and trueness. Employees desire to be recognized for parts, actuating with wagess or prosecuting them in determination devising give a positive impact on followings. The earnestness and timing of admiting positive behaviors are cardinal factors that may promote others to follow suit. Having a bipartisan communicating, which portions, receives and understands communicated information is besides critical in modern-day leaders. Each of the accomplishments mentioned plays a important function in leading and must be learned, applied and enhanced to be effectual.


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