Prostitution Should Not Be Legal

It is obvious that prostitution is dangerous and I think everyone would agree with me, so why legalize it? What kind of government and citizens allows females to be put on display, to be exploited for the pleasure of men, and to be taken advantage of and for what monetary benefits? Prostitution, the act of selling your body for sexual purposes in exchange for money, has been around for ages, here in the United States prostitution is relatively illegal except for in Nevada, but in other European countries prostitution has becoming a growing trend.

Anyone who sells sexual services including men, children and women are consider prostitutes, but since prostitution is heavily women oriented, they will be my focus. I strongly believe that prostitution whether should be illegalized because it increases sex trafficking and is immoral.
I believe that prostitution should be criminalized because it increases sex trafficking, the harboring, transportation or obtaining of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act. Sex trafficking occurs according to the supply and demand principle.

Women who are no longer sufficiently attractive to men or profitable for pimps are discarded and replacements are needed frequently. Brothel owners and pimps place orders for women and children_ that, in _turn, are filled by traffickers to meet the increasing demand and to provide a variety of “bodies” for the satisfaction of the customers, a majority of these girls being young, poor, naive, and uneducated from an increasingly wide range of ethnic and racial backgrounds .(Monzini, 2004). In the Netherlands, it was argued that legalization would help to end the exploitation of desperate immigrant women who had been trafficked there for prostitution. However, one report found that 80% of women in the brothels of the Netherlands were trafficked from other countries. Furthermore, destination countries tend to be wealthy industrialized nations that meet one of at least two criteria: ( 1).

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