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The Causes of Prostitution

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  • Pages 4
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    One percent of American females work in the field of prostitution. There are many reasons why woman turn to this option. These causes and effects not only hurt the woman, but also hurt their close friends, family and other relatives. Poverty, Rape, and assault often lead woman to the world of prostitution. Poverty plays a big role in why woman sought prostitution. Most women sell themselves because of past experiences or family problems. Some woman may start because of economical problems such as poverty.

    Seventy-four percent of all female prostitutes said that poverty was the main reason they thought about starting in this business. Poverty is one of the biggest concerns in Americans and all countries of the world. Woman all around the world pay to be smuggled into the United States, just to be paid more for what they do. Prostitutes that come from Mexico who are smuggled in illegally usually just start in prostitution for their family so they can take the money back to them.

    Woman could easily get paid eight hundred to three thousand dollars a night just for the act of selling themselves on the streets (Crary). Rape often occurs while working on the streets as a prostitute. Rape is an act of violence against a female which is very traumatizing to all of them if they have witnessed or been a victim of this act. Eighty percent of females in prostitution have been raped while working. Not only is rape a problem by random guys, but also by family members who have found out about the work these females do.

    Seventy percent of prostitutes have reported incest by brother, father, uncle, etcetera. Also, seventy percent of females have said that in their past life they have spent it in extra care and reported abuse by family, friends, and/or clients. Often woman that have been raped have reported pregnancy. Sometimes they keep the baby, sometimes they don’t. But for the ones who keep them, many people conduct workshops with child welfare workers who have been in the same situation.

    There are more rapes than we know of in this world of work because most women will not talk about or act like anything happened. More women become infected with STD’s than any other women living a regular lifestyle. Not only is rape and poverty a big concern but so is assault. 14,500 to 17,500 women are assaulted a year by men who are not satisfied with the work of the females. Three quarters of these women are assaulted on a regular basis and don’t bother to tell anyone about it until it is too late.

    The death rate for prostitutes is twelve times higher than the average national death rate, and hasn’t quit climbing yet. In other words prostitutes have forty times higher mortality rate across the world than the normal population. Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome is an even bigger issue through women who have been raped or assaulted. This lives with them forever and it takes them back in dreams, real world situations and everything that relates them to it. Assault in prostitution is so hidden people do not know what’s going on or happening, the prostitutes themselves will not tell what’s going on.

    There is a fine line between what is sexual assault or physical assault and what is not, but most guys cross it when they do not get what they want from there prostitute. In conclusion to rape, poverty, and assault being a big impact on the world of prostitution, many single mothers who do not get any benefits from the government are drawn to this job. Prostitution is a big problem in the United States and is always growing. In 2000, over 80,000 prostitutes worldwide. No matter how the consequences of this turn out some females are always going to be a prostitute.

    So as you can see this job is not safe and is very sickening. If you know of anyone in this business try and seek those help, it will only help then in the long run of things. The longer they are in this business the more likely they will become mentally and physically hurt, raped, assaulted, or in the worst cases death would also occur. The females know they are basically signing a paper that says “rape me” when they start prostitution, they still want to do be a prostitute and earn the money they never had or if they didn’t start the money they will never have

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