How Long Was Odysseus Away From Home?

Updated: November 22, 2022
Odysseus was away from home for 20 years.
Detailed answer:

The ancient Greek story of Odysseus is a timeless tale of adventure and epic heroics. The hero, known for his cunning and craftiness, used his wits to survive the many trials he faced during his 10-year journey home from Troy.

The Odyssey tells the story of Odysseus’ long journey home after the fall of Troy. His ships were destroyed by a storm, and he was forced to make his way back to Ithaca on foot. Along the way he encountered many monsters and other obstacles that tried to keep him from reaching his destination.

The first part of his journey took him through the Mediterranean Sea to Troy, where he fought in battle against the Trojans. He then sailed through the Aegean Sea to visit the Lotus-Eaters and Cyclopes before sailing back to Troy once more and taking part in another great battle with King Agamemnon’s forces. This second battle lasted nine days and resulted in many casualties on both sides. Odysseus was one of only two heroes who survived unscathed (the other being Aias).

Odysseus spent 20 years away from home before returning to Ithaca. On his way home from Troy, Odysseus was blown off course by storm winds and landed on another island where he angered the god Poseidon (or Neptune). He spent five more years there before finally reaching his home island of Ithaca (or Cephallenia).

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