What Greek Mythological Hero Killed Medusa?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Perseus killed Medusa by beheading her.
Detailed answer:

Greek mythology is full of powerful and terrifying creatures. One of the most famous is Medusa, a monstrous gorgon with serpents for hair who possessed the power to turn people into stone with her gaze. Her origins are uncertain, but she may have been a personification of the dangers of looking at another woman’s husband. The mythological hero Perseus was sent on a mission to kill Medusa. Perseus succeeded in this task by using his reflective shield as a mirror to avoid looking directly at Medusa’s face, which would turn him to stone. He cut off her head with a sickle and used it as a weapon to kill his grandfather and many others before returning home. After killing Medusa, Perseus used her blood to turn Cetus into stone before giving her severed head to Athena, who then used it as a weapon called Aegis.
The story was often depicted on vases and sculptures. The most famous image of Medusa is probably the one on the Gorgon shield from the temple at Aegina in Greece.
Also, it was described by the Roman poet Ovid in his Metamorphoses, where Medusa was once beautiful but had turned into a monster by Athena because she had dared to compare herself to the goddess. The monstrous gorgon has been interpreted as a symbol of female rage and power, as well as being associated with witchcraft throughout history – perhaps because she had snakes for hair.
This myth formed the basis of many films, video games, and comics.

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