Who Killed Odysseus?

Updated: November 25, 2022
Odysseus was killed by Telegonus, the son of Odysseus and Circe. Telegonus unknowingly killed his father with a spear while thinking he was an enemy.
Detailed answer:

It is not known who killed Odysseus. Odysseus died in a very mysterious way. Unlike other Greek heroes, he did not die at the end of his story but lived on for many years after the Trojan war. The last time we see him is when he arrives back home to Ithaca after 20 years of adventures and adventures. He has finally returned home, but he does not want to be recognized and so he goes to his grandfather’s farm instead of his own palace. When he comes back to the palace, it is dark and no one can see him because he has a disguise on him (he wore an old shepherd’s cloak). He enters the palace without being recognized by anyone and goes up to his bedroom where his wife Penelope is waiting for him. In this scene we find out that Odysseus has been away from his wife for 20 years while she thought that he was dead because Poseidon sent a storm against their ship when they were leaving Troy. All these years she has been waiting for him patiently and now she finally sees him again but she does not recognize him.
There are many theories of how he died and many versions of the story. Some say he was killed by his own men, others say he was killed by fate or that he had been killed by Circe or even the Cyclops.

Odysseus might have been killed by his own men. This theory suggests that his men were tired of waiting for their king, who seemed to be taking too long to return home after their victory over Troy. Another theory suggests that Odysseus was killed by fate itself because fate never wanted Odysseus to return home safely or else it would take away its control over him (Odyssey).

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