What is Christian Science?

Updated: January 10, 2023
Christian Science is a religion that believes in the power of prayer and Mind over matter.
Detailed answer:

Christian Science is not a creed but rather a way of life that depends on one’s study, experience, and application of its principles.

Christian Scientists believe that God is all good, all-powerful, and present everywhere. The Bible is considered their primary text, but they also study other writings by Eddy, who wrote Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

Christian Scientists use their understanding of God’s laws to heal themselves without resorting to medicine or doctors’ visits. They often refer to this as “mortal mind” versus “divine Mind.”

Christian Scientists believe that there is no such thing as sin, disease, or death. They believe that all sickness comes from false beliefs about God and man’s relationship to him. They also believe that sickness can be cured by eliminating those false beliefs through prayer and spiritual healing.

According to Christian Scientists, prayer can heal physical illness because it brings about spiritual change. Prayer can also help people to stop negative habits like smoking and drinking alcohol.

Christian Science teaches that Jesus Christ was a divine teacher who provided humanity with the means for its own salvation through his teachings about God’s power over all things material — including physical health — as well as his resurrection from death after crucifixion by Roman authorities around 33 A.D..

Christian Science churches often offer services similar to those found in other Christian denominations, including Sunday school classes for children and adults, Bible studies and sermons delivered by ministers called readers or readers-at-law.

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