Which Greek Values Are Found In The Odyssey?

Updated: November 28, 2022
The Greek values of loyalty, bravery, and determination are found in The Odyssey.
Detailed answer:

The Odyssey is full of Greek values.

Family is a huge part of the Greek value system, and the idea of family is evident throughout the story of The Odyssey. In the beginning, Odysseus’ wife Penelope waits patiently for him to return home; she makes efforts to keep his suitors away from their house and protects their son Telemachus, whom they were trying to take as well. She also holds on to hope that Odysseus will return, even though he’s been gone for ten years.

Hospitality is another Greek value that appears in The Odyssey. When Odysseus first arrives home after being gone for twenty years, he is treated with great hospitality by his old friend Eumaeus (who takes care of his pigs). He also receives hospitality from other people in his town who recognize him—they welcome him back and give him food and shelter until he can find a place to stay.

Courage is another value found throughout The Odyssey—Eumaeus goes out into the woods at night with Telemachus to hunt wild boars because he doesn’t want anyone else doing it (even though it might be dangerous!).

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