Quotes of a Tale of Two Cities

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, Page 13

This shows the state in which the book takes place and contrasting the states of London and Paris

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It was the year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy seven Page 13

This gives the time in which the story will take place


I am going to see his ghost! It will be his ghost-not him! Page 34

This is an example of one of the times someone is “brought back from the dead”


All the people within reach had suspended their business, or their idleness, to run to the spot and drink the wine. Page 36This is an example to show how savage people in France lived

Foreshadowing & theme

“I hope you care to be recalled to life? ” And the old answer: “I can’t say” Page 57

This foreshadows how people in the future will be seemed gone but they are “recalled to life”


I’m not a-going to be made unlucky by your sneaking.

If you must go flopping yourself down, flop in favour of your husband and child, and not in opposition to ‘em. Page 64This is ironic because at the end Jerry wants his wife to “flop”

Symbolism & foreshadowing

A large cast of wine has been cast and broken in the street. Page 36This symbolizes blood that will be spilled in the street


A Disappointment Page 73

The name of the chapter foreshadows that Charles Darnay is going to be freed because most people want to see the “punishment”


Hastily written on the paper was the word “acquitted. ” “If you had sent the message, ‘recalled to life,’ again” muttered Jerry, as he turned, “I should have known what you meant, this time. ” Page 85

This is a part of the theme because Charles Darnay is “recalled to life” for the first time


“We men of business, who serve a house, are not our own masters. We have to think of the house more than ourselves. Page 88

This can be interpreted as a metaphor for the government of a republic


Military officers destitute of military knowledge; naval officers with no idea of a ship Page 111

This shows how corrupt france was

Symbolism and foreshadowing

It does not take a long time to strike a man with lightning” said Defarge…. “It does not take a long time,” said madame, “for an earthquake to swallow a town. Eh well! Tell me how long it takes to prepare the earthquake? ” Page 180

This is a symbol for what is going to happen in france


“without doubt. You are consigned, evremonde to the prison of la force. Page 250

Charles Darnay being in prison is a conflict


The new era began; The king was tried doomed and beheaded Page 270

This shows that things in france were changing 15. satireThe republic of liberty, equality, fraternity, or death Find a page that doesn’t have this

The author conveys the famous saying of liberty equality and fraternity of being a joke by adding the “or death” part because if you are not part of this fraternity then you are killed and there is no liberty there and death to all makes it equal

Conflict man vs society

Foulon says how the people can just eat the grass page 222The high ranking officials do not care about the poor man and are putting them down


In chapter 13 Mr. Carton tells miss manette that he loves her but will not be with her

This foreshadows that he has feelings for her and will do anything for her

Conflict man vs man

Madame Defarge tries to kill Charles Darnay for something his ancestors did Its late idk the page number its towards the end after the 3rd Darnay trialThis shows how Darnay is being put down by other French people

Man vs society

Mr. Manette was locked in a prison for 18 years Chapter 5This shows that his county was not good to him by putting him in prison and he is changed forever for the worse


Mr. Carton switches places and dies for Charles. Chapter 15

This shows that Mr. Carton is a very good person and pays the ultimate price for the person he loves.

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