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Racism in James Balvin’s Poem

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  • Pages 2
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    According to “Notes of a Native Son: By James Balwin”, it demonstrates racism in the short story with Baldwin’s relationship to his father. Baldwin tells us the story about when he was younger, like elementary school, and a white teacher took an interest in his writings abilities. She builds a relationship with The Baldwin Family and then encouraging James to write and nurturing his abilities. When he got to High School, he has made white friends. He was able to accept them despite their race are different and father’s warning about whites. However, racist attitude of this white population wears away Baldwin’s confidence. When he experienced the racial segregation, he tries to ignore it at first, but while he was doing that rage built inside him. He becomes blinded with hate that he believes he could’ve have killed someone.

    During the the past years when he lived in New Jersey, he felt as if he had ‘‘contracted some dread, chronic disease.’’ Baldwin had been fired from his job several times, but through some undefined circumstances, he won his job back. Instead of seeing the positive implications in this, he describes the situation thus: ‘‘It began to seem that the machinery of the organization I worked for was turning over, day and night, with but one aim: to eject me.’’ He also mentions that when he walked down the streets, the people who passed him ‘‘whispered or shouted—they really believed that I was mad.’’ His ideas of solutions were acceptance without rancor and lastly was equal power. However, as I research his name he wrote a article or journal named, “I am Not Your Negro,” this article has challenge people to face their own racism, rather than letting black people do the Whites work. If I would have to recommend the U.S.’s a solution to governmentAbout race issues, I wouldn’t say much because it’s not the government’s place to fix that because in the past when the government tried to fix it, it went to chaos. Which it’s our generation to find a solution to the racism because it’s the citizen and kids that only know how to fix the racism that is still going. Plus my solution would be looking everyone from their inside, like each of us have this energy source because race just labels and they are not real because we are brought into this world to make it a better place and work on cooperation.

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