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Reaction Paper about Honor and Excellence

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The speech of Prof. Monsod, a retired professor in college of economics in the University of the Philippines gave her last lecture to her students about the motto of the university. In her lecture, she urged her students to place honor and excellence, in which I agree that honor, was placed first before excellence for a reason.

It is interesting that Prof. Monsod pointed out cheating. She added that cheating in small thing would lead to cheating in the large things.

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Reaction Paper about Honor and Excellence
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She also said that the majority of the country’s top officials came fro University of the Philippines, but the question is; “If they were so good, why are we where we are now? ” That they become part of the country’s problem and not to be part of the solution.

She also discussed on how we could help this country. Serving people has no single way. Sometimes the phrase “Serve the people” transforms into a regular statement because it seems nothing happens.

I maybe disagree to her statement “that if you are going to help this country, you’ve got to be in the country.

Because we can serve our country in our own ways. Of course, others would prefer to have the way they were used to be. Others would like to explore. But practically speaking, others would prefer to go abroad than to stay her unemployed.

In addition, as an OFW, they can also help our country in terms of economic development of the country. Many of them spend their money here, invest here and give cash donations, but still our country has no improvements. Still, future rests on us leaders. We must make sure that we can bring form of changes.

Whether what university or colleges it is, we must always placed first our honor before excellence. It starts in every individual. If in simple things we can be a part of a problem, in that simple thing we can be a part of the solution of the country’s problem. REACTION PAPER Nowadays, many Filipinos are fond of going to other country in some reasons;there are people who want to spend their vacation there, to continue their studies, tohave a better job and most of all they want to settle down there because they wantto have a better life.

Even the looks, they want to be in, they don¶t want to be leftbehind. I guess those are the main topics of this speech by Patricia Evangelista. Patricia Evangelista is a debater, TV show host, columnist, segment producer,product endorser and leader. As a 19 year-old student, she became the first Filipinato win the Best Speaker award in the International Public Speaking Competition.

On the first paragraph, she narrate what does she wanted when she was achild, she wanted what many Filipino children all over the world wanted, she wantedto be blonde, blue-eyed and white.I remember my childhood in this paragraph, I¶m just a simple little child who always wants to play outside with other children. Thenwhen I reach my high school days, I always wanted to be neatShe said on the second paragraph that she has sixteen cousins but suddenly,after a couple of years five of them left, the rest went to abroad in search of ?greener pastures?. Today, thousands of Filipinos are scattered around the worldworking, having a vacation and looking for greener pastures or better life.

In my life,I had plans as I finish my study.Likewise other Filipinos does, I will and I want toserve my country and my ?kababayan?. ?Payamanin muna natin ang sarili natingbansa bago ang iba? that is the line of those people who are opposed in working inother place. It is mentioned on her speech the word ?Nationalism?.

In the dictionary,Nationalism involves a strong identification of a group of individuals with a politicalentity defined in national terms. In modern times today, we can show ournationalism through simple things like ?pagiging disiplinado? and ?pagsunod sa mgabatas?

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