Recommendations for improving the validity of the primary marketing research

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Questionnaires are a widely used means of gathering information from individuals. They are typically carried out through mail, phone, face-to-face interviews, or increasingly online. Questionnaires are convenient to administer and respondent-friendly. They facilitate result analysis and offer comprehensive data. The internet is an effective platform for delivering questionnaires. One approach is to have respondents complete a questionnaire that grants them access to a website registration.

Questionnaires can be susceptible to cheating, so market research agencies include control questions to verify the respondent’s proper completion of the questionnaire. When conducting market research, it is crucial to obtain valid data that is both trustworthy and reliable. Valid information not only guarantees usefulness but also adds value to the research.

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When evaluating my survey, I encountered two limitations: my small sample size and the chosen survey location. My sample size consisted of only 20 participants, which was insufficient to accurately represent the target market segment aged 16 – 18. “A small sample size may result in the lack of statistical representation,” as smaller sample sizes deviate further from the entire population.

The reality is that there is insufficient time, energy, money, labor/man power, equipment, and access to measure every item or site within the parent population or whole sampling frame. Thus, a suitable sampling strategy is implemented to obtain a representative and statistically valid sample. Additionally, larger sample sizes provide more accurate representations of the population. Therefore, the chosen sample size should strike a balance between obtaining a statistically valid representation and considering the available time, energy, money, labor, equipment, and access.

The issue with the survey location was that it only included participants who were either my friends or people at the library in Reigate College. As a result, the survey results did not accurately represent individuals I was unfamiliar with and who did not attend the college. To ensure a broader range of 16-18 year olds are reached, as well as target those from different locations (who may have distinct trends and sub-cultures impacting their flavor preferences), surveys could be distributed via postal mail, email, and social media platforms. Nonetheless, it is essential to acknowledge that an excessively large sample size may lead to significant findings becoming insignificant.

When the survey is widely distributed in the specified area, it reduces bias in the results. Postal mail incurs costs for printing and mailing, while using a link on social media platforms provides real-time results. However, postal mail may have a low response rate and participants may not truthfully answer all questions. To improve validity, an incentive such as a 1 in 10 prize draw can be introduced for participating in the survey.

Increased participant willingness and survey validity can be achieved by ensuring that surveys are not time-consuming and have simple, quick, and comprehendible questions. However, this simplicity may limit participants’ answers, leading to a restriction in the valid information received. For instance, it may be challenging to understand the reasons behind why 40% of people prefer exotic fruit flavors. To reach a larger sample size from the target market, I could have utilized email communication instead of postal mail, as it is a cheaper and quicker alternative. By expanding the sample size and including a broader geographical location, the soft drink could be promoted in those areas once it is produced.

A limitation of my survey was the unequal ratio of males to females, with males representing 75%. This gender imbalance, along with low validity, may introduce bias and fail to accurately represent the market. To rectify this issue and target both genders aged 16-18, surveys could be conducted on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Offering incentives that cater to both males and females in this age group would ensure a balanced representation of both genders. The initial set of responses received will include an equitable number of males and females.

Having an equal sample size has benefits in terms of reducing potential bias in findings, but it also has drawbacks including the costs of incentives and advertising on sites. Furthermore, controlling participants who lie is impossible. In addition, the survey does not include teenagers who are not active on social media sites, which limits the representativeness of the results within the target segment.

Implementing the original survey to both genders will enhance its reliability and validity. Britvic can use the collected data to create an innovative soft drink that is suitable and desired by the market. These recommendations will improve the validity of the data and make it more reliable for marketing Britvic’s new soft drink to the 16-19 target market.

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